Today was a pretty chill day... Oh yeah some egotrippin muddasucker tried to jump fly with me this morning because he's got a lil' rank... But I kept my cool and things went my way... After that I went to a change of command for my captain, It was boring as hell to say the least... After that I helped my boy Rich out at his new house or whatever... and then I spent like 3 hours getting my car clean, it's been long overdue cause of all the rain or whatever but there is something relaxing about just me and a car and a job to finish. Reading that it sounds corny to myself but oh well. My best laid plans fell through and I'm now watching Rome, which is a damn good series check it out if you get a chance. Oh yeah I talked to JP tonight and who knows y'all, I could read all the Iceberg Slim and Robert Greene and I never would figure these women out, but I still do have fun trying to.

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