Hopefully y'all don't have a case of the mondays but if you do, oh well. Anyway this mornings hotness comes from yours truly. It's my sketchbook from like 10th to 12th grade... It's crazy how I don't remember things by year anymore when it comes to like 99 through 03, Like when we have arguments about albums comin' out or whatever I'll always be like "Nah mufuckas was wearin' chinese hats and shit so that was in like 10th grade, so blah blah blah..." but anyway I digress my tag was Oreo but I didn't wanna be a shark ass dude so I chose Vile,and I picked up Hella like in 2nd semester 11th grade. I used to destroy Marta when I was in 12th grade, so if y'all are at Indian Creek Train station, Kensington train station, avondale train station or the 116,8,115 or the 2.. Well not as much the 2, but you might be lucky enough to see my vandalism!

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