Friday night lights

It's nights like last night that are gonna make entourage my club of choice.... yesterday I'm chillin at home and I hear a knock at the door... I open it and I see a pretty cute black chick with braces she's like "uh is mike here" so I'm like he's not here come in and make yourself comfortable..now first off I'm kinda hot at mike and I charged him up about it because I had asked Mike a long time ago if there were any girls he worked with at the post office that looked decent and he was like 'nah theres this white girl Mcdonald." It so happens Mcdonald lives right by us, so see her and she's got a body like a pop tart box, and now I see her and I know they kick it or whatever so yeah....we make the introductions and her name is Keeta, so said so done, Mike gets back and we argue about some bullshit.
So I head out to ship off my xbox that got that damn red light of death! While I'm out I pick up a bottle of Svedka vodka which a girl in J'ville kinda put me on... so I head back and chick is doin her hair at my crib or whatever so were sittin around watchin Jeopardy and the chick goes home to get ready to go out... so I'm callin my dogs to see who's goin out tonight.. My boy Tory is goin to North Carolina to get up with a broad and it's fucked up cause he was the main one talkin about goin out of whatever... and my dog Lloyd said he's gonna take his sister and her son out to the movies then applebees probably not in that order but he wasn't gonna be goin.... so it looked like it was just me, Mike, JP and this they dude they work with. So I go out and get some subway and get some juice for the vodka, and by the time I get back I see it's like 915 and I'm like damn I gotta get ready!
One thing about that normal people don't get ready to go out at 9 o fuckin clock at night, unless you're tryna get in free or catch some kind of special. But here in Virginia where the clubs close at 130 and don't start jumpin till 12 you have to do things like that... so I shower, jump fresh and start to get my sip on. And since I discovered the secret to making perfect drinks I'm a beast... the secret is moderation, I mean I wanna get drunk but the key is a good alcohol to chaser ratio... I'd say about 1 part liquor to 3 parts juice. Anyway I'm comin out of the shower about to put my shirt on when Mike's homeboy from work comes in drunk as hell and with a sweaty ass bald head, wearing some damn slip on Lugz boots... So were shootin' the shit and I go to my room and come out and I can't believe my eyes. I see JP lookin' like a damn stallion... now when I first saw her she had on some jeans and a little t shirt or whatever, and she was lookin good then but she stepped out in a damn blue dress that hit all her curves and complimented the shit out of her, I'm talkin thicka than a damn snicka! I was honestly shocked but yeah, so we all sip and make to go cups with these disposable coffee cup's with lids I think Mike stole from Wawa or something... and we head out... so boom we make it to the club and all of us were pretty twisted so we're on the dance floor gettin' it...
I'm not really gonna hit y'all with a play by play... but highlights were me and JP being the only ones on the dance floor grindin, Mike pullin this bad ass redbone, me and JP dancing more, Oh yeah the boy Lloyd made an apearance and I kinda pulled a duck ass move.... it all started with another one of my boys, anytime we'd be dancin with a chick this cat would come in front and dance, put her arms around his neck and for all intents and purposes take your girl! Now there's no real hard feelings but after all is said and done the next day we cuss his ass out for shit like that.... so yeah Lloyd tries that shit with me and I ask her "do you know this guy? Cause I don't" all the while I'm pushin him off... so he's like aww you duck ass dude I do know you and you're a hater blah blah blah! Biggest high light of the night though was Mike getting kicked out the club, and me having to leave early and miss out on who knows what to look for his drunk ass calling him a million times until I find him with no shoes, fireman carry him to the car where we all pass out in the car.

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