88 minutes reviewed

I went to see 88 Minutes with a girl that liked to talk during the movie and its kind of a drag cause when I'm in the movies I like to be IN the movie you know? But that's not really about anything... anyway's it seemed like Al Pacino really needed the money, I mean it wasn't a bad film but I really probably won't be raving on about it...it did have it's suspenseful moments to it and it kept me guessing, but it seemed like it was a film students "drama-suspense filled thriller." So basically it was just a good distraction for two hours. I've been waiting to go to the movies with a chick and say this for the longest but as soon as we sat down I was like "Oh look the armrests lift up so if the movies are bad... you know, you know?" she didn't find it as funny as I did.

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