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Banksy.... tagged up a post office and that shit is pretty hot. I used to be heavy in to graf and I even tagged a few things around my way. I remember I climbed out my window and went and tagged the hell out of this chinese restuarant.. It was my first tag and I was nervous as hell, It was just me, my sketchbook and my spray paint. It came out really good the only thing was I had silver paint dripping down my hands and it got on my sketchbook.. I'd love to get back into it now, I mean driving around, I see some things that would look great tagged up but a few things hold me back. Well I take that back nothing is holding me back but me... It just would be a question of if I have it or not, I haven't picked . But today I'm going to decide if I will be picking up a Spring '08 release of Dunk's the Donatello's.... I would've checked 'em out yesterday, but my skateshop that I patronize http://solebrother.net/, sent me an email about them just coming in and them "selling fast" but I had to go to class... I don't really know how I feel about these, I mean the purple and green is funky fresh, but I really want to make the transition to more sensible shoes. Plus I'm still kicking myself for not buying a certain shoe. But I'll check em out today and let y'all know if they look fresher in person.

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