Sham marriage's

Stop the damn presses!!! I just found out some shocking ass shit y'all.... As some of you may or may not know I'm in the Navy, and in the Navy, sailors who are married get about an extra 1200 dollars for living expenses for them and their wives,So these guys would marry Russians and eastern europeans who wanted citizenship to get that extra money... I at one time thought of doing it but my morals would never allow something that heinous... So on my boat I remember a couple of dudes doing it and trying to convince me and I was seeing these dudes getting that extra money and I was like "dang it'd be so easy..." but I've heard never envy what another man has cause you don't know how he gets it! So now today these same dudes are all on blast on the front page getting indicted and thier wives are snitchin to the government all cause they wanna try and get over.... the dudes I know are Costillo, Strasbaugh, Bice, McCloud, Saiz, Hagen, Crampton, Jarvela, Liechliter....
All of the dudes walk around like they’re holier than thou and shit and the one dude Strasbaugh and I got into an altercation and right after our altercation I fucked up again on my own and since then Strasbauggh has had a smug look on his face… So I just think it’s chickens come home to roost….

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