I know y'all remember the viscious cockblock that took place last week.. But I rectified all that and came through victorious! I had my mind set on catchin this girl tonight no ifs ands or buts you know.. So I walk past her in class as she walks in and she's muggin hella hard and she's like "hey" so already I'm like ok... so as the class drones on through a boring ass lecture I see her sneaking looks or whatever, so we finish the test and I go out in the hall to compare answers and shoot the shit... so I go out there and I see the chick comin down the hallway towards us, so she walks up on me and we talk I make a few funnies get some laughs outta her or whatever, She's from Puerto Rico but she's been here so long, she's Rican in looks only from the convo's we've had... she works two jobs, one at a tanning place and the other at her mom's puerto rican restaurant..so I'm like what are you gonna do you final paper on (for sociology we gotta volunteer some place and write about it from a "sociological perspective") so she tells me she did hers yesterday at a zoo, and I was like dang... I asked her how it was and she said "it was kinda boring , I wish I could've called you and told you about it"
I hear that and I'm like how about you go again with me, since it was so "fun" then it'll be even more fun with me there! She was like go again, with you... ok. So we go back in class and it's still blah. So everybody hands in their essays and we all peace out, I wanted to talk to her as we left but ehh, so I finally catch up to her and I'm like when's a good time to call? Anytime she says, so I'm like I'll call you when I get home and get straight k?
As I write this I finished callin her and she was like I'm at this shindig, so I told her to have fun and I'd hit her tommorow, she asked me what I was doing tommorow and I told her we figure something out...
I don't know why I'm still.. I was gonna say amazed but that's not the right word... I guess the thrill of meeting a new girl never gets old to me. Now I'm never a smell my fingers type dude, I just like meeting new girls and seeing what happens. You know?
Anyways y'all be easy I'm out, be on the lookout I post daily so TTYL

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