It ain't 26" but I'm gonna keep it clean...

I'm on the hunt like bald eagle's for a damn HDTV... Quite honestly my room looks like as one friend put it "Like I'm just getting back on my feet" I mean our place is plushed out, and is meticulously clean but my room looks like a bust down spot, and needs the "Hot fish grease touch". I know that girls want to come in a dudes place and feel immediatly at home. But the living room, kitchen and bathroom decor tell girls "Chillax and make yourself at home." But my room says "Are we fuckin or what?" and that's not really the image I want it to convey you know? I mean queen sized bed, and crates of albums and my turntables and one of those lamps that everybody has had that are long black poles and have three light modes.
Anyway I found this for a real good price I should be ready for GTAIV... Oh yeah y'all tonight I give an acceptance speech for "Best Speaker" in my Public speaking class... So yay me!

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