change gone come

Right now I'm about to make a mistake... one I can stop, but the lurst won't let me stop... it's only now I realize what I need to do. I was doing it before I went to J-Ville and met Ashley and I'd say since I've gotten back from there I've fallen off both mentally and physically... But from now on no more.. It's funny that I start this on 4/21. Actually it's quite ironic...
I now see I've made a huge mistake in the seduction process.... Now I've read the art of seduction and by no means am I a perfecter of the art, but I do know a little bit. And a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous... A girl likes to not know your intentions, meaning no girl wants a guy who is or seems predicatable. For once I'm not gonna go into tremendous detail but I tried to skip the seduction process even though my intentions weren't just to fuck her I really wanted to hang out with her and get to know her or whatever but I exposed my intentions instead of concealing them, Making any relationship which probably will be nothing more than a tense strained friendship and I'm like fuck that you know. So to all y'all out there always conceal your intention when it comes to courting but that just what's on my mind this sunday night....

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