Saturday Night Fever

Tonight was a crazy night y'all... I'll gloss over a big part of it involving a certain young lady but I will start off by saying that.. The mind can build an image of a girl to the point where you're like damn! But reality is always a let down, not really a let down but it will shatter the image real quick. Like JP for instance, now before I say what I was about to say, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Because I've only really kicked it with her at the club, yeah we rode around from mall to mall one day but WTF. So I've never really been with her in too social of a setting, and what if what my boy Rich says is true? If a girl is boring then the guy needs to compensate for that with his carisma. You can't have two people who are laid back or in other words boring. Now in giving her the benefit of the doubt I really truly can't say she's boring, so that is yet to be determined.. Anyway the day started with me watching Rome then running errands So by the time I went to go out and see a certain girl who will be unamed, I come back and JP my roomate and his homeboy are drinkin and dancin... so I had recently called a girl in my phonebook whom I hadn't talked to and she wanted to meet to refresh her memory on me. So mainly my night was based on going to the club, so my dillemma was either stay and try to put in work with JP, go to the club and find a chick who's talkin about what I'm talkin bout or go meet up with Angel the chick I hadn't talked to in awhile. So I stayed and danced with JP and took some pretty cool pics... then my partners I was goin with changed plans and went to another club so I ruled out clubbing for the night, and from the vibe I was getting from JP, I ruled her out so I put my eggs in this Angel girl to redeem my saturday night... so angel is like I'm gonna meet a friend and come see you.. So she calls me and after a lil convo we met in the K mart parking lot. And we talked, she was cute a lil small but she had a nice lil body on her. I'd bring her around the boys and walk in the mall with her... so she's like I'm cold and I toss out a invite to the crib and she respectfully declines. So here I am back at Square one, dressed up with nowhere to go...

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