Greene St. Flight Club back open!

Flightclub NY is officially back open! I went there during my stay in NY for fleet week. Besides shattering my expectations of a club in NY and meeting up and hanging out with Krystle who is like the most chill, goofiest, craziest, outspoken, prudish girl I know, beside meeting Asia Flieschman a pretty as elevator account CEO or whatever. I had the pleasure of copping my UNDFTD's from Flight Club. The store is just like you see, there is no "Do you have these in my size?" It's what they have on the wall is what you buy. Luckily they had my size right... they've got 4 stores worldwide ( 2 in NY, 1 in La and one in Tokyo) Check em out...
Back then my Dunk collection was ''meh'' at best, but now I feel it's pretty respectable. Right? but there are some pairs that didn't even make an appearance, like the Feelgood's Gibson, Appetite's for Destuction, Easter's.... but oh well.

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BananaBoyB said...

daamn.. send me a pair of UNDFTD's haha.. nice blog, keep it up


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