Saturday night fever

Last night was pretty ginnormagantuan, after having my thursday ruined, I still had plans to check out this lil' spot in Va Beach call Guadalajara's. Even though I swore off clubs in Va Beach, I can make one exception can't I? Anyways, I had to work on friday while everybody else had the day off, so as soon as I got to my spot in portsmouth I took a shower and went to see somebody... after that I went diggin and picked up some pretty cool stuff as you see... so I get to my apartment and my roomate's panties are in a bunch! Normally he's pretty laid back but today it was like this motherfucker had his soul stolen, so to get away from that I went to my boy and his wife's new house and it is on the way to being plushed out for reals. We went to Tropical Smoothie and came back and just had some laughs and played with his beautiful daughter Akayla...After that I had to fly back home because it was like 820 and my two boys Hino and Nick were like "We gotta be there at like 930 or we won't get in!" so I take that to the heart and rush home, wash up, iron some khakis, and a shirt throw on some box toes, pour up a cup and zoom outta there... so we link up and head out there. Now normally my survival list for the club is Trident Tropical Splash cause I've danced and talked with hella girls that have that dragon either from alcohol or just not brushin, Carmex cause I don't want chap ass lips, my Sidekick LX cause it's like my Visa and lastly Dolce, Dior or Blueblocker shades it depends on the look I wanna go for... so now we get to the door and the line isn't that thick but they've got a line for people with a preferred card which I now have an application for, a line for something else and the regular folks... so I'm like damn I don't feel right going to the club without gum, so I run back to the car and I'm zoom down Va Beach blvd. looking for a gas station and all these muthafuckas are closed like it's the damn hood! Now you gotta think, this is the town center of Virginia Beach, a place where people walk their dogs at like 1 in the morning, one of the nicest parts of Virginia and it's like 945 and gas stations are closed WTF! So I'm zooming and finally I find a supermarket, and my boy calls me and is like "Where you at hurry up" so I get back there and I'm good to go... So boom we get in there and the first thing I'm reminded of is the club scenes in Knocked Up and 40 yo Virgin, I mean it was pretty upscale and the crowd was a lot different than I'm used to. Plus with a different ethnic group, I told my boy " I don't even know what to do!" but new experiences are always fun aren't they? So we sip and chill and I peep the dance floor, it's so thick with latin women my goodness, I mean normally I might see one or two when I go out that are just bad but here hot damn! There all on the floor spinning around dancing the Bachata and I'm just like wow. So I hit the floor and do my thing, after trial and error I find my swag and I'm out there salsain like my name is Ándrë! In the club it always helps to have a homeboy on your side for when theirs like two girls dancing, so you can simultaneously snatch them up and stop the left out one from hating cause she's not getting chosen. I thought my boy Bap was gonna be doing that but he was running around with a dude Kennedy, who was just talkin out the side of his neck about the chicks in their... so I resigned myself to the fact that even though I came with 4 other people, I was alone out there... oh yeah my old Division Officer was in there and I put tried to put him up on something but he has like ZER0 swag! I'd always tell him how I got down but he was amazed to actually see how I do it... I mean this man can't even Cupid Shuffle, it's a dance where you just listen to directions and move from left to right, kick and improvise... so the club is about to close and still in full swing when I get a text from bap sayin "Yo men this nigga kennedy out here vomiting his guts out" so I'm thinkin' he didn't ride with me so I just say "damn" and he texts me "Yo men come out nigga" and I ask him where's the dudes he rode with and I get no response, it may sound kinda fucked up but I hate to be the dude ruining a night and I hate to have mine ruined. So the lights come on and I meet this girl who looks like Amy Winehouse before the tattoo's... tall and sexy with raven hair so I say what's up and we have a battle of the wits, she tells me "you're cute but I have a boyfriend and he gets real jealous" and I say "Me too we've got so much in common!" so she takes my number down and calls so who knows? Outside just clowning and these girls are in a limo and my boy Nick who at work is a "dickhead jones" but out in these streets is a beast on these hoes, we go up to em and talk or whatever but the boyfriend is in the car.. Fuck him right so finally we just walk away to the garage. So were in the parking garage and this Expedition filled to the brim with three pop tart box sized girls, one is like "I want the chocolate one" and the other one is like "I want you (Nick) you know who you look like, Donny from making the band" he doesn't at all they were just drunk but he's a pretty decent looking white boy plus he's a lil cut up, so he takes off his shirt and the fat hoes go wild, we're just outside their truck just clowning and they're asking us what were doin after this, we should chill "blah blah blah" I'm not that lursty so I just say I got a girl and peace out...

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