The baby

This is a situation that occured at the begining of 07 but started around august of 06... I met a girl, and she really was all about me, I mean all about some me. So I can't even stunt, it went scraight to my head. So the first night I go over there I miss the obvious signs like...

1. her ducking and hiding when her door opened (we were in her complex parking lot)

2. her refering to school very vaguely

So were outside chillin' on my car and then she's like let's go to the side of my house where I look at the stars. *wink wink* So we go over there and start messing about, and before the lurst completely took over I had the prescense of mind to run to my car, dick harder than termite teeth and get a mag... So we jump up and down outside and when I finish and pull out I see just a ring of plastic around the shaft lookin like my dick hulked out of the condom. then she says I feel it dripping down my leg!

This can't be happening to me!

So after that I freak out and get reassured by all my friends that she's probably not pregnant and i'm just freaking out. So I actually talk to her talk to her about this shit cause it's serious as hell to me, and I come to find out she's 18, and got kept back because of a earlier pregnancy, and her father is like a assistant pastor of thier church...

So my ship goes on a surge to nowhere from late august to december and it's a perfect distraction, untill I check my mySpace and she's send me a message like

I know you got other shit goin on but I'm pregnant call me when you get a chance.

So thanks to Rych with his wishy washy advice I go against my better judgement and call, I ask her scraight up if she's sure.. and she says she's a gazillion percent sure...and I BS about goin over there, untill the drop date comes and I lose my nerve. I've got her family blowing up my phone "You should be here, she's having your baby! yada yada yada"

I don't show up at the hospital till like 9 and I see the baby and feel...

Nothing at all.

So for about a month after that I foster a "hate" relationship with her and the baby and her parents. I told my fucking mom and she in turn told my grandmother! I hated driving the 30 mile drive through a tunnel and over a bridge to see them. I hated faking like I cared for that child. I mean I was really having some dangerous thoughts concerning that child and that really scared me, and that's a lie they made me feel good to think about. I was scamming on her much more attractive sister every time I went over there (which made me feel like a piece of shit!) I even hated fucking her cause she'd put the baby to sleep and play fight with me 'till I was aroused...I even forsaked my lifestyle to buy a thing where the baby lies down and hit all this shit with lights and sounds and shit and a swinger / rocker.
So going out to sea was a perfect escape for me, until one day her dad is like you still haven't signed the birth certificate yet... So I tell him "I dont know if I should because the child may not be mine!"

So I get a child support summons after a escape from reality at sea... and that's reality in my face! I always saw the child as a ball and chain, a A 18 YEAR BALL AND CHAIN! So I go to the building and in front of her family deny paternity and get the test.

So we get DNA testing done and the results get to her before they do me, I get a text hella early in the morning saying "It's not yours,don't tell my parents!"

I had the right of mind to cuss her and her high and mighty mom out and her holier than thou dad, and last but not least this pirate whore from whore island who atried to pin this viscious lie on me! But my homegirl stopped me and said "she's 18 with two kids by two different dudes, what more can you do!"


Ms. Jones said...

damn homie lol, this post read like a mini soap series..love the spot though, I'll be back :)

Lina said...

Well gotdamn!!! This is going to come off a little harsh, but Im glad the baby wasn't yours. I would hate if it was for the child, because you felt nothing for the child (thats not to say that when you do have children, things will be the same), and there is nothing worse in a child's life for someone to be there that doesn't really want to.

That was deep though, exposing so much of yourself.

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

wow....i had a friend that same thing happened to...i know you were glad..loved that maury video..lol

i'm loving yo spot...i'll be back

Judy D. said...

wow, what a story... i am glad the baby wasn't yours, since you loathe him/her anyway... be glad its over!

bitches like her, give girls like me a bad rep. ::agh:: whore... why u fuck with em'? yuck! lol

kmx. said...

damn, this was some serious
sht. And you're quite the
gentleman because if I found
out I wasn't the daddy after alla
that BS* i would've been in the
right mind to kick her ass...
nice spot too. =]

Andre said...

I mean I was kinda scared at first, cause I'm hearing from rych how when he saw his lil girl for the first time he cried, and I'm like "fucks wrong with me?" Now I know I'm perfectly fine and it was all her fault!

Video= sums up my feelings exactly!

I should have my hip hop card pulled for not being able to know this but, somebody said "damn, it feels good to have people up on it" so combine that with the lurst, I overlooked the obvious cause she was throwing it at me like a bounce pass, nice and easy!

Jone and Kmx thanks and big ups for comin through!

dejanae said...

well damn

Ms TooFly said...

This read like a film!
My best friend went through a similar situation (but in his case the baby did'nt really exist)SMH

queenbee said...

man you should be hella happy, had a cousin that had to pay child support for 3 yrs b/c he refused to take da test and finally his moms made him take it and come to find out it wasn't his...
he was mad as hell but girls be trifling man

plus if you felt nothing for the child its a damn good thing you weren't ...and shorty is a mess to have two kids by different daddies at 18yrs smh

Andre said...

I couldn't imagine being in those situations, I'd be blogging from prison if I had to find out that way for reals!

yeah she is kinda out there for that.. but I guess she just likes fuckin!

ShAé - ShAé said...

Wow... damn. Sucks to be this chick. I feel for the kids. They will need someone stable in their lives.

A Moment In His Time said...

Wow, ok
I get the fact that she lied and I get the fact the you had that gut feeling that the baby was not your, but do you really think that you should have been that mad after knowing you were with her and the comdom came off. I am happy that it was not your because from what you said you would have been living a lie and probably ended up careing for this child "after some time"
Don't mean to reapet what you already heard but SAY NO TO SEX. and if you cant try to avoid chicken heads.

Anonymous said...

lol. Thats a tragic comedy in and of itself! Better watch out, for some of these girls. And you'd better start following your intuition.

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