Pic Tails 3 1/3

Me and Big Sis went winehousing the night before I left to go to Tennesee with Jen bear... So Jen was blowing my phone up on her way to get me hella early (10am) so I was still feeling the effects of last night on the drive up there. It got kinda redneckish on the way there (somebody asked me "What yer say there fella?", the fuck do you reply to that?) but the drive wasn't that bad.

We get there and go to the Oconee river we're gonna be rafting and it looked pretty swheat. When we got in the raft we had this young ass instructor with no personality, he pulled us three dudes aside and said...
"We don't normally let woman get in the front, so I'm gonna need y'all to compensate for their weakness, alright guys?"

White water rafting wasn't as intense as I thought it would be, but it was fun as hell!
Later that night at the campsite the instructors comment slipped and Jen and Kat were 500 about that shit for reals! They were ready to call him and cuss him out.
We built a bitchin fire, made smores, played cards and eat subway and just really roughed it.

The next day we went to this family owned restaurant were the menu said
"Although out religous beliefs do not allow us to eat or handle pork because it is an unclean filthy animal, we readily make it availiable to our customers"

I asked the blue eyed waitress what she did for fun in this lil' shit hole town, and she was like
"Rafting the river"

All in all pretty cool trip!


Lina said...

Alright for the wilderness....I can definitely dig it. LOL@restaurent handling pork even though its against their religious beliefs...got get to the money anyway you can.

Stew said...

i bet you gotta hit the right rapids to get the full effect of rafting.

yall roughed it huh??? didnt know squirrel tasted like subway.

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