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Spun is a great movie. It's like requiem for a dream but not as sadgamsy. I searched high and low for the uncensored directors cut, I mean yeah I could've gotten it of eBay but where's the fun in that.

I saw this in a vending machine and was like "I love nougat" so as I fed my quarters into the machine, I was very dissapointed and hurt to find out I'd been fooled by a snickers in disguise.

What you're looking at is the Taco dog. It's what happens when there's a shit load of hot dogs, no bread and a full box of taco shells.

came on board when we went up to New York for fleet week last year, she came in our shop and kicked it with us and she didn't seem like a celeb at all, she seemd like a regular person. I saw her like just walkin around the ship lookin extra regular and was like "she's playmate of the year!" But when I saw her all dolled up I was like "ok, she's got it"

Magnus the World's strongest man, I met when we were in Iceland last year. I saw this big ass dude walking on my ship with our captain and didn't know who he was till after he shook my hand and gave me the autograph. He benched a whole bar full of weights in our gym and then autographed the bench.

Chips from Bahrain i found when I cleaned out my cubby at work. they were quite tasty!

I lost it when I saw this in the beauty supply store! the asian people were lookin at me like I was on PCP!


Han said...

so you just travel all over?

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Damn. I love snickers I would have probably turned into the incredible Hulk and destroyed the machine if that happened to me

or I would have just bought some from the dollar store.

Don't you just hate when you gotta make up food because you dont have the proper stuff to make the actual thing. Since the gas tank eats more than we do, the refrigerator in our house has been empty, so we just be puttin weird foods together to get full.

arychtexas said...

lol at MID OMG thats funny whew! i never seen a snicker like that lucky you and you a NASTY BASTARD for eating that taco dog EWWWW!

Stew said...

that taco dog is HILARIOUS!!! i can not stop laughing at it. hold up......

ok done.

snickers always coming up with new ways to get you to buy their stuff. looks like it worked on you.

that durag is just ignorant. i do not think i would have posed for that shit if i was a model.

Andre said...

Han, travel is one of the many glorious perks of naval service....

But when times get like that I've created many of my greatest culinary feats like... egg in the bread with baked beans.. It is TDF.

How dare you judge me! You can't even cook! If it wasn't for katie and baked ziti, and hot links, you'd starve.

I mean the spicy brown mustard played well off the hint of mesquite with the taco shells.
Snickers did pull a fast one.
And those dudes on that du rag thing were so in the way, I'm sure I'd pose for that if I got some kind of hair product deal!

arychtexas said...

jiop shut up and stop telling the truth! I cant beat that song ONE on GH3 its too long!

arychtexas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lmao, i suppose andre

karrie b. said...

makin a bitch hungry n shit.


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