(so that's) What Happened

Some things are funny as hell. Getting hit in the nuts, taking a snowball to the face and even tripping and falling. Except when it happens to you.
This morning one of those “funny’ moments occurred. Oh yeah it’s funny as hell but the joke is on me!

Now that the initial shock of my actions has worn off and iom now in the acceptance stage, I'm ready to go in depth into my folly... It's crazy that my success' are just as dramatic as my shortcomings, and they all stem from the fact that "I think I'm smarter than the average joe rat" which is kinda true. So anyways yesterday was my duty day which means I have to stay on my ship from 7am to 7am the next day, you're really kinda on stuck as far as leaving unless you get permission. So basically after I stood my four hours of watch from 7:30 to 11:30 am, I was hungry as fuck. So I'm on my way to Rally's when I pass a Popeye's and for some reason, I choose popeye's to order food from but I go inside to piss... as I walk in I see a white guy in the corner who looks like the guy I work for and in charge of my duty section.
I say to myself as I walk in "It would be funny as hell if that was Viano!" (the guy I work for) So as I do a double take at the guy, I see it really is him with his wife and children, and he smiles a humorless smile, and just says

So I get back in my car and I'm all flucked up for reals, 1st off I'm kinda buckin duty by going to get food
2nd I'm in the wrong uniform to be out in town with.
3rd I'm no stranger to bending the rules.. I can't think of how ironic that was though, of all the places to go, and I had my heart set on Rally's, but something at popeye's called my name... and that something was trouble!

So after I got back I was in like limbo cause I didn't really know what was gonna happen and I still don't.. I'd rather just know one way or the other! I just hope it doesn't stop me from going to Atlanta on monday, because I've got international aspirations during my lil mini vacation.


Lina said...

you won...I need your email.

Melody.Darlene said...

what happened?!!!!! how r u just gonna leave us hangin like that?! hahah!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

who kicked you in the nuts andre? lmao
I mean being kicked in the vagina can be pretty crucial too.

I use to ride bikes when I was younger and once I was trying to do some bmx type stuff on a hill and I fell of the seat and guess where that hard metal bar went? right between my legs. So I just layed in the grass until my cooter stopped hurting. And that shit hurt. So being kicked in the nuts can't be that bad. You'll be ok ^_^

I got a tripping and falling story too..but I think I bored you enough

Han said...

what happened?
you will tell right?

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lmao, you shoulda just went with the little voice inside your head and went to rally's dude.

I bet your heart dropped in the pit of your stomach when you saw his face lol. I bet yo ass won't bend no rules no more lol

arychtexas said...

You are an idiot! You and LLoyd are magnets for trouble ya boys are crazy and SNR V is a beast and he probably snitch....BYE BYE GA

Han said...

oh wow.
hope it doesn't affect you as well.
lol, i really don't know what to say.

Andre said...

My bad y'all about the cliffhanger or whatever, but I couldn't write that shit, I mean that's like some shit you see in Ferris Bueler or whatever...

And taryn you know what as much as I want to walk the line, that shits like a razorblade for me for some reason.

And rych I damn sure hope not bro, if they fluck with my leave... I'll be 500 for reals.

Stew said...

these are the tricks that life plays on us.

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