Lemonhead delight 2

Yesterday I started the purging process... I realized that I'm a real sentimental packrat, movie stubs from dates (the Syriana date disaster fiasco), hotel reciepts from when I was I bahrain, a shit ton of foreign coins, stickers from Iceland and Denmark and my diary / journal full of juicy hits, misses and sexcapades! As I was deciding what to keep, I thought of how cool it would be to give my albums and stuff to an heir or heiress. Now that's really weird because I don't believe in children 'till after like 25. So yeah... anyways I'm like 43.4% packed up and ready to leave the apt. So to celebrate I went digging!
I think I like diggin so much cause it's just relaxing and like going into a time capsule. I believe I "manifested" Marvin Gaye's "Here my Dear". The album is filled with so much emotion because after his divorce, he couldn't pay allimony, so his ex was entitled to a cut of his next album, so he beared his soul and said "here my dear".

I actually went to Lenox mall to see her Blu Cantrell when I was like in 10th grade I think, I gave her a hug and she performed and signed a copy of her one and only single.

I learned the words to this when I was in 5th grade... I couldn't add to save my life but I could sing the hell out of this song!

I see some album covers and I think two things.
1. You couldn't tell some of these mufuckas they weren't fly on their cover!
2. In the eighties, if you were a man and you didn't look like a girl, have a curl or slang dope. You better be light skinned 'cause you weren't gettin no play.


Lina said...

This is going to sound real contradictory to my lifestyle, but you should keep most of it, especially the poems and stuff. It would be great if you had a girl to like scrapbook it for you, so that you can show your heirs/heiress' and tell them stories about that time.

Dude, those albums....wow. Shai??? OMG!!

And somebody likes George Benson.

RealHustla said...

Your collection is just awesome. I'm sure your heirs will appreciate it one day.

"2. In the eighties, if you were a man and you didn't look like a girl, have a curl or slang dope. You better be light skinned 'cause you weren't gettin no play"

This is so true. I kept it secret that I like the chocolate brothas just so that I could fit in with my friends.

arychtexas said...

lmto @ man look like women. Man you got some hot stuff there and i want to sample that FANTASTIC VOYAGE album! Hey i got all your samples and beats at the house can i keep them :)

Andre said...

Even though a heir/heiress is scarier than whooping cough to me right about now I kinda feel like I'm holding em for someone special...

I flucks with george pretty tough, if nothing Download "valdez". And contradictory to my lifestyle, I wanna keep them too. I mean unless I'm like seriously fucked up and on my dick, and it's either sell them or my body. They're here to stay!


I KNEW IT! but since our only comp now Is the elusive "light skinned boy w/ green eyes" I'm not that mad.

and thanks my collection is still in it's infancy stages, but I do have some heat though...

Andre said...

Hell nah you deleted the only surviving pictures of me and "gem" and you tried to blame someone else!

But yeah you can keep the samples, just gimme my beats!

One Eighteen said...

man you love them vinyls!!! lol blu cantrell was on tv the other day too.


queenbee said...

yo, real talk, shai is the business!!! i still be bumpin "if i ever fall in love" matter of fact its on my 90s playlist on the ipod

karrie b. said...

wow...ur collection is tough. i fucks wit it..


Anonymous said...

Starpoint fashion, is right up my alley. I also wondered, the same thing about the guys. in those days.

Love your vynil collection. I think, you might actually have a one up on my mother!

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