Don't look no no...

From all my club going this weekend both sober and completely winehoused and just my experience in general I've seen a lot of stuff. There's a lot of things about the club I've just known from the jump and stuff I wish I would've known earlier but I'm glad I learned. Like...

Don't just grab a girls arm and expect her to dance!
Some girls reeaaally don't like that shit at tall at all.

Do just grab a girls arm and expect her to dance!

It's really all in how you do it. Then again some girls really hate that shit.

Don't take it personal if you fail the look back test
When I was a young punk going to house parties, getting turned down for a dance could crush this young man! Cause young girls looove to stunt and turning a dude down for a dance is the perfect opportunity to do it. You just gotta bounce back. That's why girls dance face to face with their friends, so that if a dude just jumps behind her, she might wait for the friend to give a yay or a nay. Or she might just look back for herself. Just like I wouldn't wanna really be dancing with a ug bug, girls don't want to either.

Do take the hint.
It's hot in here. My boyfriend / husband wouldn't like that / is in here. I just wanna dance with my girls a.k.a I just wanna dance in a circle with my girls with our shoes and purses in the middle of us. And my most hated one "I don't dance" or "I don't come here to dance." It either means she just isn't feeling you or she just came to be with her gals, don't be that stalkin ass dude.

Don't think a dance is more than it is.
Sometimes it is sometimes it's not. Just cause you caught her for a lil' dance what does that really mean?

Don't come to the club musty / hot mouthed / or smellin like a young grizzly bear!

I would of thought that this was pure common sense but there's always somebody musty in the club and I don't care how hard you dance, there's no way you should be so bad were people can smell you. As a matter of fact, I've been dancin' with my homegirl and she was smellin a little vintage under the arms. Like she was playin and rollin around with puppies before she came in. LMAO
Am I wrong for not tellin her and still dancin with her?

Don't go solo
It's no fun at all unless you're really just a voracious social animal even then...I mean who can you post up with when they play "up north" music and the dance floors a ghost town, who can you wile out with when they play "down south" music, who's gonna be your QA (quality assurance) to make sure when you're drunk you're not out there flirting with smuglies. And just because it's 2008 people still get jumped in these clubs, especially girls too, there's some "unlady-like divas" out there lookin to bust some heads!

Do / Don't get too excited
Iounknow about that one I mean I felt like dude in "the wood" at one point and when I asked my homegirls about it some said "it just shows you don't go out a lot" or "it lets me know he's feelin it". Now I feel like if it happens, hey I'm only human. So I say if you do rock up from a dance. Wait a second before dancing with the next chick.

What do ya'll think? Has that happened to you? If y'all can think of anymore let me know...


arychtexas said...

^^^^^ i agree with everything! i know one thing that chicks used to do if they wasn't feeling you is when you used to ask for her name she'll say a actress or a well known famous name like HOLLY BERRY!

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

im a yungin so my clubbin days are yet to come but i can tell you @ a party/function

"Don't come to the club musty / hot mouthed / or smellin like a young grizzly bear!" is the TRUTH!

i cannot agree with u more.

BlaHHH said...

All of these are soooo true. I remember I went 2 the club a few weeks ago & every dude I danced with got hard lol. Now 2 me, like your friend said, that lets me know he's feeling it. To my other friend, shes totally grossed out by it. But then again shes not used 2 it, so hey lol.

& Im happy that Ive never had some1 musty or stank breath come up 2 me in the club, so I feel bad 4u lol

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