Chickenhead convention

Sittin in the Crown Vic with lloyd with not a damn thing to do and a whole day to do it... his homegirl juicy calls and is like come to this cookout. Now me, I'll never turn down a chance to OD on free food plus it was right around the corner. So we get there and it's a chickenhead convention for reals. I go in the house and I see a girl "entourage" who I talked about before. So she sees me and tries to stunt on me, actin like she doesn't see me, knowin damn well in that tiny ass kitchen and my bright ass green shorts. So I don't speak I just till I get my eat on. I take her outside to rap a tad, and she was like I didn't think you'd remember me blah blah...and she's like here's my new number, what are you doing tonight. So I call her and she's pretty tipsy and very lursty. So we come back to my place and watch 300 and my roomate starts trippin, this dude texts me like keep it down and I'm about to come in there and act a ass. So we jump up and down, which was weird to say the least, and not just cause she tried me up like I recently fell off the meat truck!


Meanshots22 said...

lol.chicken head convention. u hit it right on the spot!!!

K. Denise said...

Why the line from Lupe's 'Clean' just went through my head...'clean chicken head resistant'

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

damn, chicken head convention, those kinda conventions take place on the westside here in atl lol....the typical chicken head look would be either a chick has too much weave or no hair at all, dried gel on the side of her head from trying to create artificial baby hair, some reeboks or jesus sandals, stretchmarks in the weirdes places, some kind of piercing/ tattooes, and an outfit that look like it came from rainbow. hey the food was good right? thats all that matters.

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