Down with the sickness

I'm sick as a dog! I believe these three things are the only things that kept me alive all weekend! I was drinkin hella water and it had me goin like every 15 minutes and with this new prince's wand type thing I've got it in, it's like a test of skill every time I pee!

So I restricted myself to the crib for the weekend to fully heal so it was nothing but guitar playing, phone and txt boning all interspersed with some xbox live. I really only ventured out to quench my lurst with the "Mrs.Robinson" "who's just using me for one thing" and tropical smoothie for paradise points.

I did find myself feeling kinda normal on sunday and organizing my closet and wanting to do something with the stuff I didn't or couldn't wear, so I went to plato's closet to sell some stuff with puerto rican chick. It's crazy because I was talking all this hot shit about not distancing myself and not really fluckin with her on here and to my peoples, but I was kissin' on her at her place and walkin' in the mall with her like some kinda lou bega ass nigga! So I told my dog lloyd how I felt like a sucka doing all this with her whatnot and I asked him scraight up what he thought...

"Now that she's pregnant you can shoot that hot shit all up in her"



Lina said...

I hate to say this shit, cause its a bit ass-hole-ish, but Lloyd is kinda right...

Glad you are feeling better!!!

You play guitar?? Awesomeness.

Andre said...

yeah he's right but...It's not the early nineties anymore, Lupe said it best streets. are. on. fi-ya. to-niiiiiight

karrie b. said...

ughhhh. everyone is sick all of a sudden.

feel better!


A.M. said...

hmmm let's see. Sad to here you weren't feelin so well. Shoulda took some thera flu, I swear it cures Everything lol. But I'm happy you're feeling better.

You play guitar? How impressive.

About your friend Lloyd's comment, I try not to judge but that's one of the most idiot things I've ever heard. Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean home girl don't got nothing...SMH.
I could go on all day!

BlaHHH said...

Aww, feel better! Feeling sick is a bitch!

arychtexas said...

lol LLOYD had the balls ta 4 with me and franklin and he told franklin that she was all he wanted and she said didnt you try to get with me and mcckoy? He said Yea but i was young and dumb but now i know what i really want!

Andre said...

I love guitar! This weekend I got Al Green's "Love and Happiness" and "Pawn Shop" by Sublime down pat!

Theraflu taste like kool aid mixed with poison.. but you're right it probably can heal gunshot wounds LOL.
and yeah boy is a fool, that's why I throw shields on the dick!

Judy D. said...

smh... i dunno what to say. we should understand one another.
honestly speaking homegurl is 18, but she is still is young and probably does not know what she is REALLY doing to herself.
i think that u should just be her friend and respect the fact that she has another man baby in her.
unless u wanna be a step daddy.

i thinking you are treading in dangerous waters.

Andre said...

It's a razorblade I'm walking on I know... but as far as kicking knowledge to her, it's in one ear and out the other. She sees the baby as a positive thing; which it is but just not in her case. I mean she's telling me stuff like " I'm probably still gonna burn, cause my friend smoked when she had her baby. I'm probably gonna have to smoke out of bowls and stuff though."
She's cool peoples and I respect the fact of dude's seed and I know what to do but I don't know what I need to do.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

everytime i hear a young girl having a baby, they say they see it as a positive thing because they want to have something thats going to unconditionally love them back.

but she's pregnant, dont screw her anymore, that just make shit even more confusing for her, cuz if she ends up hating her baby's daddy, she might get all emotionally attached to you.

Plus, i dont know about you, but I believe when you fuck a lot of people, when you finally become pregnant, all those people's spirits that you fucked ends up in your child. Thats why kids be acting so damn crazy now a days.

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