My name is andre: and I like walks on the beach

It's hella cool meetin' new people who are about the same things I'm all about. Cause I feel like I'm not the type of person who's just gonna try to hang with somebody cause of who they are or whatever, if it happens it happens right? So when dude told me his ex girl as coming down with six of her homegirls I thought it was gonna be like Smokin' Aces with all these boat dudes tryna get on. But when I actually got down there he told me I was the only dude out of everybody he told that showed up. The dude Rafi is a scraight fool, so I'm officially sponsoring his membership into the Virginia Beach chapter of the pimp legion of doom. I was kinda intimidated well not intimidated but I'd say overwhelmed but after I saw they were cool and vica versa it was a cheese and rice.

They had a hotel room on the beach and it was cool, cause even though I've been in Va for a hot minute I never really kicked it on the beach, strip and oceanfront like that cause it was and still is full of drunk white boys, chickenheads and cotton thugs. So I was seeing it just like they were seeing it, through a tourist's eyes.

All the time I was over there it was super chill, the girls were from scrong island and manhattan and were pretty fierce camera whores and they were all about some book called "the secret", that says you can manifest your destiny by thinking about your goal. Only thing that kinda sucked is that they weren't really tryna leave the oceanfront for downtown with much better nightlife,they were more on trendoid bars but even still it was scraight. To me the prettiest of the friends was either this dominican chick

or this kinda punkish white chick I still can't believe I stayed up all night watching charlie the unicorn and salad fingers and just talking until we watched the sunrise...I was pretty winehoused like all friday and saturday night but suprisingly no hangover or jumping up and down ensued.

the flash showed me no love! I'm lookin like the tip of a banana. Lookin like if I had green eyes I'd look like a x-box!


K. Denise said...

lol, a x-box though?

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

yeah i heard about that book "the secret" Oprah was talking anout it on TV and they explained how it works, its real cool.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

your post title got me laughing...dudes you to say that during those icebreaker exercises in highschool for a laugh

Andre said...

If they have it at the library I'm gonna read it but ishe told me she kept saying she "told herself she was gonna make $1000 waiting tables whether it was slow or not, and she manifested it by making a little over $1000." So I was like why stop there, and you can manifest all you want but if shit aint gonna happen, it aint gonna happen!

A.M. said...

well it looks like you had a blast..and yes us NYC girls know how to get down...and YESSSSS we are picture whores.lol...

Hmph VA is lookin' type good. May have to stop in :)

Stew said...

i thumbed through that book. to me its noting special. if that really were the case then there would be MANY more successful people in the world.


it surprises me to see how cool some of the "folks" can be.

Anonymous said...

People, are still bugging over that book? It's not a new concept, it just hit mainstream. Your friend, probably made her $1000, because she put in more hours, but putting the goal in her head, helped her to make it so.

I think a few people, who read that book forgot to add the equation of action, to help make it happen.

arychtexas said...

People are idiots! But are they have you heard the term if you believe you gonna die than you are already dead? Don't l2k I just made that up :) I believe that if I could think of all the things I wished for and thought about everyday only 1 percent of all those became true!

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

what fun.

queenbee said...

love ur blog, stumbled onto it yesterday and just read the whole damn thing...ya work is boring :)
check me out

queenbee said...

um sorry i meant to say "yea, work is boring"

Judy D. said...

the secret is a good book... there is a documentary of it 2 thats like almost verbatim of the book,

and yes, dominicans gurls are fly... most of us anyway, 99.99 percent lol

and all those folk who think the secret is nothing special, is because they still dont GET IT... its not all about the thought of wanting it, its deeper than that... plus, they are negative at the end of the day

Andre said...

I definatly have to read that book so I can criticize it heavily.
I forgot who said it but action without words is meaningless...
That's just because you don't want them bad enough.. Duh
Thank you kindly, and even without the 2nd post I got your meaning LOL

And Judy you're damn right dominican girls are off the yazabah, and the same girls called me and dude a negatice nancy for disbelieving in the principals of "the secret".

BlaHHH said...

Looks like yall had fun! It looks pretty out there!

& as 4 the book, its def a good book. Its really interesting

justbrad said...

the secret eh? maybe i'll hit the local bookstore/library and peep it.. i wouldn't mind manifesting a G right now!..

oh and the punkish white chick was the flyest in my opinion.. but eh you can't go wrong with a dominican either :)

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