Me and my kick

I love my sidekick..I've been flipping my phone since the sidekick 1 and I still love it!
Here at work everybody wants to get the hottest new phones that "flip open" or have "touchscreen" or whatever, but me, I've stuck with my kick. Even when there's phones with better cameras and louder music playing and video and when I had the SK3 picture messaging. People would always talk shit about my brick and how can you have that in your pocket blah blah blah...
Fuck em! There is no phone with a better keyboard or internet in my opinion. I mean the Iphone is a beast and that touch shit is nice but a little inconvenient.

Now Danger (the people who make Sidekick's) are releasing a over the air update (OTA) which will put the sidekick back on top where it's supposed to be. Most importantly VIDEO and BLUETOOTH TRANSFER!!! So now I'm waiting patiently for the update to start rolling out. I feel bad for those suckas who've got a Slide aka the sidekick jr. cause they get no update.

-Capture videos using the new video mode Playback from the SD card or email attachments using the media player
-Share videos via email, Picture messaging, and Bluetooth
-Listen to songs or videos using a stereo Bluetooth device
-Send and receive photos, videos, or music via Bluetooth
-Select how Web pages are displayed based on preference PC-like, full-size layout to pan & scan while reading o Standard Sidekick screen-size layout to simply scroll down the page to read ·
-Capture videos and share them directly from the Camera app Video integration for playback, send, and save to gallery QuickFind:


karrie b. said...

sidekicks are fore teeny boppers and ppl with ADD.


karrie b. said...



K. Denise said...

Are you trying to convince us or yourself? lol.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lol @ k. denise....

but um, I got the t-moble phone that looks like the black berry

and a chocolate..those two are good enough for me

Andre said...


I mean my buddy got a chocolate and the camera on there is suprisingly good. But I still don't think I could jam with it too much...

Anonymous said...

Andre, watch my film: First name!

Stew said...

wow. sidekick trying to step up their game. if the sidekick was on a different service provider then it would be a strong contender for the hottest phone out

Eb the Celeb said...

Kick are for Kids... is what I say... and that fool that got that tattoo... why...

i bet its a fool somewhere that got a beeper or a 2way tatted on him and now they looking stupid



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