A lil 2L;2R but there's pics!

Last weekend was great! Me and my dog nick went to a cool spot called 'stats' downtown, it wasn't what I really had in mind cause I was "dressed up" and wanted to dance-dance. But we just kicked it like gentleman thugs and had a good time.

I get back to the house at like midnight and I'm still kinda on Va time where I'm like "oh no! I gotta rush to the club, I've only got a hour and a half of party time!" so decide to go to primetime cause it's right around the corner and if I do get winehoused it's a short drive back. So I pull up and am like dwaaamn, cause the normal people line to get in is still thick as fuck. So I avoid it and hit the special people line and walk scraight in...

It was just like it always is, hooder than a lil bit. And I'm dressed for downtown, so all kinda looks are bouncing off of my dolce's...
And the only two white girls in the whole club were in a cage, dancing like their lives depended on it.

So my big sis gets in and we spend all day in lil' 5...

eating indian food, this store that's shittin on Commonwealth called Wish with a secret underground shoe chamber;

Junkman's daughter, criminal records where I finally bought that J*davey. The world's best thrift store where I bought a suede jacket with the elbow pads and I gotta go back for a leather members only jacket that fits me niiiice.

Headin back to the house I get a txt from a friend of mine from middle school and high school "Danielle" I ran into earlier that week on my way to get my headchopped and we txt and she's like this chick from school is havin a birthday party in underground atlanta.

So me and sis fall in there and it's niiice, so I proceed to consume and I find out "sis" is a dancing machine for real for reals!

Sis and her Z PHI B's (no skee wee here)

Then I see danielle and she looked like a plate of white chocolate macadamia cookies,

I mean she looked real good, cause I remember in school she was always tall, yellow and slim, but now she's tall, yellow and thick and it's a real good look on her.

We rap a tad, and shes like "I'm a AKA and aspire to be a judge blah blah blah" real cool convo though. The drive back home was hell,we got in at like 4:30 and I didn't feel any of the screwdrivers till I sat down in the car...

Then Jen Bear came through hella early waking me up at like 11 to go to Tennesee for white water rafting!


One Eighteen said...

the zeta phi beta's at my school dont look as good as "sis" and her friends (minus the big girl lol)


A.M. said...

well glad to see you had an eventful weekend. And I must say, you were def doing ya grown and sexy look.

Andre said...

Yeah every stereotype of zeta's is that they're big and smart...just like all aka's are
yellow and stuck up!

Thank you kindly!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

your sis is a pretty lady. You was fly diggity fresh too lol

Stew said...

sounds like a fun series of events

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