Here's about 4000 words

I can't believe I still have some of these pics, I mean these are like sidekick 3 old!

Anyways this is me lookin' like BOLD lettering with a french girl I met in Rockland, Maine during slut Lobster Fest 2006.

This is this dude Wright we went to the club with getting mollywhopped by some cops for gripping up an old lady and freaking the hell out. I knew he liked to smoke weed, I didn't know he got wet though. But other than that lil' hiccup the night was of the yazabah.

That's me communicating in robot, during our surge to nowhere '06


Lina said...

She was cute...good job folk. Loving the robot.

arychtexas said...

where are the rest of the picz???!!!!

Andre said...

your guess is as good as mine bro.. for some reason these were on my moms computer.

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