What's up with the cookie?

With a name as cool as Lupe Fiasco and a 1/4 of the lyricism. I'm always suprised that girls fuck with songs like these, like last night this started to come on and hella girls were like "This is my shit!"... I remember the first time I heard "dump dat dick" it was just like that too.

I flucks with this song...Yeah, it's not real hip-hop,and it's pretty misogynistic but I like.
What do y'all think?


Kandi Black said...

this song has really worried me...

wtf u mean wats up with the pussy?

in my Smoky from Friday voice: "NOT A DAMN THANG!" nigga.

K. Denise said...


arychtexas said...

jiop i aint got to here it to know its trash look at the title!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i cannot stand dirtbag ass music like this.

Stew said...

i do not think guys like this take themselves seriously. i think they are trying to make "entertaining" music, music you can dance to. i do not think they are out there think they they are the next best lyricist.

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