I love Winehousing!

So far my time here has been hella chill, I've been learning new things every morning while watching Cash Cab, borrowing the car and doin chores around the house. Just change cash cab to miami vice and I'm 17 again!

My rental property is this| | close to getting a certificate of occupancy, it's in "the bluffs" right by CAU and it's crazy cause it's three blocks from the Dome, starbucks and a publix but it's slummed out for reals! I've been waiting for 3 years and I hate to say it but gentrification can't come quick enough!
Circa 2005

Circa 2008

Anyways I picked my boy Jerrick up and we went out to the Pink Pony south (where Jen Bear owns the sushi bar) to chill and get our free eat on. I like to look at the punani don't get me wrong but it's like on the very rare occasions when I'm in booty clubs, I hate feeling lumped in and being written off as a trick just for being in there, plus I just feel weird eyefucking them, but I do it anyways cause I don't wanna look out of place or arouse suspicion.

So I'm chillin with J and Jen eating sushi in the scrip club, and Jen put me on front street a dancer who was killing the pole earlier..she's got my number so I'll hold my breath for that!
I left super lit, and me and Jerrick stop at this gas station, where a near by club let out and we just clowned...I had a pocket full of these...

so I'm like yeah I bartend there, I'll call you when I'm working and all sorts of fuckery... so yeah it'll definitly make for interesting convo...

My "big sis" Krystle is comin down from boondocks Ga, this afternoon...and she tells me she goes super hard, so I see a weekend of winehousing ahead...


Lina said...

Your property is close to my apartment. Wow!!! Winehousing sounds like fun times on a weekend.

Stew said...

"big sis" is hot.

but wait, so you are telling me that there is a strip club that serves sushi? that seems weird to me. hell to be honest i did not think strip clubs served food at all. but i guess it does not help that i have never been to a strip club to begin with.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I like that shirt she is wearing!! I need a shirt I can wear as a dress like that.

You don't have to eyefuck people if you don't want to lol.

Andre said...

Winehousing is always great on the weekends... and yeah it's on english ave so check it out...
Yeah sis is pretty bad! And yeah it's not as bad as it sounds, the sushi bar is like suspended over the main center stage, so you can see the other two stages on either side and look down and see the main stage in the mirrors, It's very cool. Food in most scrip clubs is a staple, buffets, $4.99 steaks get your eat on.

Yeah we were in NY when I took that, and as we were walking down prince street and this gay guy was like "I loooooove your dress can I have it." It was very akward. I mean I don't know what else to do in there, I mean I don't wanna stare, but I don't just wanna glance either... it's a dillemma.

arychtexas said...

I've been learning new things every morning while watching Cash Cab, borrowing the car and doin chores around the house.

^^^^^ rich put you on that CASH CAB :)

Thats da smae chick that was in NY? Bro she moves quick! yeah she is tight....o HALE GOING TO DRB MON if u didnt know already


Andre said...

yeah that's the same gal bro... yeah I told hale to stop runnin his damn mouth and chill, but look who's talkin right!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Gay men are hilarious. I go to a fashion school so I'm surrounded by them and I find moments with them to be more entertaining than awkward.

Well I guess your dilemma is understandable. I think strip clubs are awkward anyway. Even if I was at a male strip club, Id probably run out of their like a wimp. That kinda sh*t is more creepy than entertaining to me lol.

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