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First off thank you to Rafi's girlfriend whose name I don't think I'll be able to rememeber for putting me up on "The Secret"!
I mananged to manifest myself 3 things!

1. A Coolie which I've wanted for the longest for real for reals. Being honest with myself, I did see hooter coolies in my time there, but here style, reserved personality just made me say..she got it! I think I like them more than I like latinas and that's saying alot!

2.An ALT semi KEUT AZN ... I never was one with "yellow fever" like so many people I work with, but from following HRO for so long, I was always like it would be nice to try once.

3. A club in Barbados I googled. Not too big, but the circumstances are so intertwined with #1, it's quite shocking.

Anyways a recap of time spent in paradise... The relationships with my uncle and all these girls Sugar Daddy...I see that now, and I just think "It really ain't trickin if you got it...I guess" but it still hurts my heart to see it. His bust it baby has 2 daughters Perpetua and Saskiya, and a AZN/Guyanan nephew Jonella. I met Jonella first and I was like meh... I guess I could do something with that, then comes her 2 daughters.

So we go up the coast to eat and just chill, we're riding in a 90 BMW vert, with my big ass and these three girls in the back, the mom is all about Perpetua the oldest lapping up with me, like off the rip! I'm all for it but don't wanna just be like the weird stranger tryna get some cheap play. Plus I'm very easily embareassed and easily aroused so I just suggested she sit on her sis. It turns out that the gals were cool as a box fan and funny and just good people. The restaurant that my uncle's bust it baby wanted to eat at was hella expensive, and the food wasn't even that good, I could tell she just wanted to go there just to say she's been there!

The whole time we were out and about I was making googly eyes at perpetua, and lo and behold they were being returned! Then she was like she's going out to the club and I should come to see how bajan's party!

So I go and she looks amazing for reals!

Now when I go to clubs with gals I feel like "we came together, but didn't come together." Sometimes I break that rule and sometimes I don't. That night I did, cause I grinded on her skinny ass all night and loved it! I mean the club was like %85 females first off, I saw a girl from my ship in there too, and cover was $20 which really ain't shit but that included FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT no typo. Suprisingly I had the restraint to teter toter on the limit of winehouse-tedness without tipping over! Only thing was I couldn't really swag off cause I didn't have a belt to complete my fit (which I never realized till then how they do) and I never felt like an outsider so much in the club in my life, I'm doin a lil somethin with my two step and "loose waist wine up" but seeing them dudes on them gals was like "damn". But coming back to dance with Perpetua put my mind at ease. Left the club uneventfully and walked about 13 blocks (to the store and back 4 times for my suburbanites) back to my uncle's rental property I was staying in that night and crashed.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

you must feel naked without your belt lol.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

and its funny how things are broken down into sections

i heard of fine, pretty, cute, sexy, ugly....but semi cute? lol so she half cute and half not cute? is that what that mean ? lol

Kandi Black said...

u into the skinny exotic chicks huh?...

boy, u better get u sumthn with sum junkage in the trunkage...them broads are cute but they look fragile...lol

Phree Christasha said...

Hi Dre.
I just found your blog and I think it's like the 3rd best thing ever. (1 being god and 2 being held open for when I win the lottery) I know this is madddd off topic or whatever, but I ain't really feel like waiting for the next post, what the hell is a prince albert? I tried googling that shit and all and I'm stuck!?!

But um yea, it looks like you had fun on your trip. You shoulda bagged all 3, lol.


Andre said...

Well T I really don't know how I feel about her looks that's what I meant. She's not keut and she's not ugly, she's semi-keut .

Kandi, I don't know what it is, I used to be all about a thicky thicky thinck girl, but now I find myself lursting after slim chicks...but make no mistake, I damn sure don't discriminate...

And that's one of the swheatest thing I've read for real for reals. But a prince albert is a piercing that goes through the ureathra and out the underside of the penis. It's said to be the most asthetically pleasing of all the male genital piercings!

Anonymous said...

Variety is the spice of life. She's very pretty!

I've always wanted to see Barbados. So, where's your next stop at, jetsetter?

Melody.Darlene said...

uh oh!! get it!!

A.M. said...

ya friends are right...u are a fean for women, & get it right...people from Guyana- you know people like me- we're Guyanese. Thank u very much :) lol

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

oh ok. lol

karrie b. said...

omg i'm scrolling down your blog and i see 3 posts about this effing girl. u must be in love.

and stop with the cunty ass expressions G.


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