Stanks for the memories

I believe I can live like there is no tomorrow because I had the foresight to invest in comic books... 5 out of 10 analysts say after gold and oil, comic books are the biggest investment!

I used to be so creative when I was younger before I let that weed and coochie turn me out. I used to sit in class all day making these insect like sculptures out of paper clips. All my pockets were cut up from keeping them in my pocket and I used to raid teachers desks for boxes of paper clips. Who knows, if I would've stuck with it, I could've had an exhibit at a NY museum, or better yet, been blogged about by Hypebeast!

During my "jungle Fever" phase, my girl Felicia got me into Slipknot real heavy! I made these for us for halloween, it took a few bic pens to really get the drippy effect. I'm glad I'm a packrat, or she might have these right now!

Jen Bear @ the Pink Pony 2

Playboy J @ Pink Pony 2, one of my few light skinned HB's.

This man jumped clean over the hood of a fuckin volvo.


Stew said...

that man got some bounce

Lina said...

those comics are hot...you did the right thing on that...

LOL@one of your few light-skinned homeboys

LMAO@before I let that weed and coochie turn me out.

Han said...

wow i wish you kept up the paper clip models, its dope.
i...... have quiet a few mangas. yeaaaaaaa.... like.... a couple of boxes and i'm like... damn that's a lot of money i spent from middle school and into high school. then i just didn't care and i now currently think about what outfit i need to go buy.

and lol at the weed + coochie comment

kmx. said...

the paperclip sht is fly!
i wish i had pics of some of
the ish i used to make with Play-Do! good times good times...Manga is cool, i've watched some shows a couple times (if that's what manga is?) never really peeped the comics to much...it does interest me though, i should check it out. and lmao at the weed & coochie. =P

arychtexas said...

Dem mask are creepy! Weed is a hell of a drug! Coochie is a mean additcion!

queenbee said...

LMAO@before I let that weed and coochie turn me out.
and thats all i have to say

u r too damn funny

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