TK at Wish

Late as always I got to the store and that place was packed wall to wall with hipsters in the skinniest of jeans in the wildest of colors. So like any normal person I just stood in line not knowing what the line is for or leading to... So from just talking to people I found out that there was only like 46 pairs and when I got there, there was like 6 left. So I still said 'fuck it' and waited it out. After about 15 minutes in line I'm up front right behind this dude and his girl. So I look at the stash of shoes and I see...Two pairs of 4's, a 11.5 and a 12 (my size) So I'm like hell yeah cause I see the dude in front of me look kind of excited and shit. So I ask him...

Me: What size you wear? *looks down at his feet*

I wear a 12.

Me: ...........

Me: *unctous grin on face* Well you should get the 11.5's and I'll just get the 12's.

*no hesitation* Ok

Me: For reals?!?


Me: You're alright! I'm gonna dance at your wedding!

So after a FAA screening type process I got my shoes and proceeded to the 'complimentary vodka bar' which in principle is ran off tips but you know how that goes.... So I'm walking around this store buzzing off 'complimentary' vodka and pineapples and go and check out the 'lab of shoes' downstairs and see... Coming upstairs I see Terry Kennedy and just ask him for a picture on some non groupie ass dude type shit.... So with my buzz on and my kicks in tow I headed out of there and into lil five points a very happy man.


~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

trying to be like me!
smh..lol (j/k)

Andre said...

I know right but for all my fly sneaks and stuff I have no grown people shoes....

K. Denise said...

I'm in need of some more Supras..thanks for reminding me damnit I'm supposed to be saving lol

Forge said...

You gonna go to hell for not tipping the vodka person, especially if you drunk enough to catch a buzz. I'm just saying. Still, over all, it sounds like you had a Dr. Dre, Good Day and that's worth a vodka, pineapple, buzz, without the hang over.

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