Don't do me like that

I remember when I was a young lad and between school and house parties there was getting fresh and going to the mall. We'd catch a ride from one of our moms, sometimes we had a ride back, sometimes we didnt. I'd go with my bros and holler at girls through my homeboys...

"aye girl in the pink shirt!!! My homeboy wants to talk to you".
Most of the time we'd go see a movie then post up at the arcade, shoot the shit and see who could pull the baddest chick. I remember we would do this like every time a new cool movie would come out. We went to see black and white cause it had meth and other dudes from the wu tang clan in it. Afterwards we came out and proceed to post up at the arcade, talk shit,and shoot at girls. All of a sudden I see this dude and his girl walking the gauntlet of young thunder cats posted up near the exit.
Now this dudes girl had a waist like a pencil and a ass like a water buffalo, the ass you look at and scrunch your face up and say "ummm" (keep in mind this is 2001 when it was taboo/rare to have a big ass like that). So they're walking together and all eyes are on dudes chick, when one of the young thunder cats walks behind the couple and slaps the girl on her ass...
All of a sudden the girl whirls around and trys to hit the dude and is callin' the dude all sorts of names. But the "ass slapper" backs up into his homies and now all of them are cussin the girl out "Bitch this, bitch that...etc" all the while the chick with the fat ass' boyfriend is trying to hold her back and pull her to the doors saying "Let it go, fuck them niggas" or something like that to calm her down, cause she is like 38 hot about the shit. So after a quick second she kinda looks to her boy like.

"What the fuck, you're gonna let that ride?!?!"

The look on her boyfriends face was classic. So he gets her to the doors and she like shakes him off and storms out the second door as the gaggle of 'young punks' advances on them both calling the dude "scary as hell" and most of the bystanders are just saying like "heeeelll nah"/"if that was me..I woulda.." Even myself, I told my dogs "I woulda stole off on one of those mufuckas, nobody tries me like that"
I left the mall that night at 16 years old thinking that that chicks boyfriend was a scary ass dude/straight bitch and I myself would never let that slide...they woulda had to hold me the fuck back!!!
Now 8 years later I think back to that... As much as it hurts to swallow that pride, I don't know what I would've done in that situation. The way I see it there are only two choices...

A. You swing on dude who slapped her ass and race your girl to the car or try to get as many good hits in and remember to go to the fetal position as you get rushed from every angle, knocked to the ground, and stomped out like a brush fire. All the while your girl is crying and screaming "Leave him alone you're KILLING HIM!!!"
B. You let it go, refuse to stoop to thier level losing major cool/man points and probably the respect of your girlfriend (if not your girlfriend). Because you can't make her understand that they would've mollywhopped your ass and probably her ass too!
I remembered that because I saw "obsessed" with the "DJ chick" and in the mall out here, under 17 young punks can't be in the mall past like 4pm cause of a curfew. Besides beyonce hamming it up on screen, her kicking him out of HIS house and that big ass little boy who they carried around and wouldn't let him walk...it was a decent movie even though it could've been a straight to DVD.


Jaded said...

Hmmm. What would LBF do? Honestly, I'm pretty sure he would at the very least choke one of them up. Pretty sure. That said. I usually cross the street walk AROUND a bunch of thug looking mofo's.

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

Nice entry!
IDK... I would have to swing just cuz... Your girl is wants you too....? IDK!
I think I would have too! I would have too! these kids BAD ASS HELL! and they are just getting worst!... MAKE SURE YOU KNOCK THE HELL OUT OF THE ONE KID and maybe the would all back down... LOL!

Dallas Black said...

Its one or zero. Either you let it go or go SO ballistic that even the homies friends are like this dude is crazy. Take homie to the ground and go nuts, take off shirt screamin imma kill you etc and hope his friends go get help..lol

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