back to school gun/computer sale

Sometimes to me it seems that it you pass up a sale then you have wasted money. If you don't spend the money when you have the chance to save big. Then you’re actually losing money in the long run because you could’ve had it and been happy. Now you don’t have it and you kick yourself for not “capitalizing”.
Cinco de mayo caught me in a ‘la plaza’ looking at tires for my ’79 schwinn’ cause with it getting ready to be my first hot ass Georgia summer in awhile, I gotta work on my fitness. Cycling and swimming are whats gonna hopefully get me where I wanna be.

Anyways I was near a pawnshop and the ‘back to school computer/gun sale’ just roped me the fuck in. I go in and check out the stuff and I see two things that catch my eye. A MPC 1000 and a Nikon 35mm camera with a wicked lens on it. So I’m just like damn I could get it and just write it off as a ‘cinco de mayo present’ but I know that I don’t think I’d rock with them for too long because I’m so….I have a lot of things I enjoy doing but I focus on one thing single mindedly until I find something new. Like when I had a few guitars and was getting nice with the guitar, I put that down and got back into beat making. I dived back into producing and it felt good.

This is something I found circa 2005, my “young fresh to death days”. I was young; I had hot beats, a grill and a girlfriend so pretty ‘other girls wanted to give her a kiss.’ You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t that dude!

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