I know her from...

I hate people who wanna show you endless pictures of girls on facebook/myspace. When I look at some people's faces when they're showing me these pictures, they have this glazed over look of pride on their faces, like they should be rewarded for having 'sxc friends' in their friends list. When I'm near a computer and somebody starts going to their myspace/facebook to start that bullshit, I'll just walk away. I mean there's only so much I can look at before I start to not give a fuck. The worst is when I ignore them and then they try to get my attention by saying shit like....

"oooooweeeeee, she's bad"
"she got fiiiiine"

To get you to want to investigate what the hell they're doing.

"awwwww man, if you think she's bad, wait till you see....*mouse click, mouse click* Her!!"

Me:She could get it

"That's nothing, this one stays in Turkmenistan and she's shittin on her!

Me: Oh wow.....

"And I know her from (insert noun here)....and this one went to (insert noun here)"


I remember back when I first signed up for myspace back in 2005. I was kinda skeptical about the site because I was all about Hot or Not and my rating of 8. Now my boy Ray was just signing up for it too and somehow he became a cool new person and was bombarded by friend requests, and from that moment on he was all about myspace and showing me the copious amounts of random chicks he was friends with. I've hated people showing me pictures of kids/babies/friends of friends ever since...


Jaded said...

lol. I've never had a myspace account. I love my facebook one but I'm only friends with people I actually know/ know of. Whenever someone said me a friend request that I don't know I always think: hm. you just want to oggle my pics. lol.

Jaded said...

*sends me a friend request. I have not making sense.

Jaded said...

lol, wow. *hate

Video Vix[o]n said...

lol, my boy stay facebook shoppin' on girls (that what i call it). after a while, it is some bullshit, considering i'm not getting with these girls anyway.

ppl just like showing off what they have, or lack there of.

Nana said...

I hate that shit b/c at the end of the day none of these bitches you've met so what's the point? Trust I've seen some girls look like nosferatu in real life and myspace makes them BARBIES. Those camera angle wil get you.
Myspace...poor myspace

Andre said...

I try to keep my facebook like that, but that people you may know thing is solo far reaching!

@vid vix
Yeah I'm quick to tell someone "how many of these girls are you smashin?" and most of the time the answer is "0"

my boy actually told a girl that she was. "only cute on myspace" so yeah those camera angles are pretty deceptive.

Anonymous said...

Someone left a surprise in the toilet.

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