Her name is karma, and she's a bitch

This past weekend was carnival in Atlanta which is like a celebration of west indian culture. There's parties everywhere and parades and people come down from everywhere just to party. So I invited the Trinidadian chick to come with me to see Pastor Troy perform. So she's with it and I was gonna pick her up and head out there. Well my mom has been in Barbados for the last 2 weeks (I was supposed to be there but I had those freaking instructor classes) and her flight was supposed to be in at 8:30, so I'd take my mom's car to pick her up so she could drop me off and I wouldn't have to go all the way to her house and then pick up chick and do it like that.

So I'm at the airport at 8:45 and I see the board and it says delayed till 9:30 so I call chick and tell her and she's like "Well do what you gotta do and if we don't make it you can come over and we can watch a movie or something" So I didn't know whether to read between the lines and think we're gonna watch a movie, or waaaatch a moooovie. Either way I was like cool beans.

So I'm chillin' at the airport reading magazines and enjoying the super fast internet connection and 10:30 rolls around and I'm like WTF. So I ask the Delta chick

"what's up with the flight from Barbados?"

DC: They had to stop for fuel and they won't be in till 12

So I'm like fuck, So I call chick and let her know, and at one my mom comes out and we talk and stuff and head home. So I'm kinda tired and instead of taking 285 East which is kinda faster, I took I-20. So I'm driving and my mind is drifting and I see a car ahead of me just stop, so I go to swerve around and the douchebag next to me is on my side. So I can either hit the wall, hit this douche on the side of me or rear end this fucking moron who ran out of gas on the fucking interstate...

So we get out the car and I'm kinda freaking out cause even though it's like 1:30 in the morning, I-20 is pretty busy, and we're in the middle of the highway. So my mom is coming around from the passenger side when this truck that was probably rubbernecking come within like inches of my mom and clip my mom's car with his rear view mirror.


Jaded said...

Wow. I'm glad your ok. WOW. Freaking wow.

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

aww yall have carnival in atl?
i would love to go some where else for carnival. i love it!

im always in the carnival here in nyc...i think ny has the best carnival other than trinidad it self and canada.

this yr im gonna be in it again..you shall come :)


Andre said...

I know right... I like to believe that God has a plan for me, I don't know what it is but as long as He does, I'm scraight.

@supa supa
I've never actually seen re festivities just the after carnival club scene. I bet that one up there is ker-razy! But my big six is in the Bronx I think so I'll mos def keep my ears open.

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

wow... you def have a purpose and need to get busy searching what it might be!

hb said...

im glad you're safe!
how is this karma? im confused...

Nana said...

welll praise jesus nothing bad happened I kinda figure the karma part......but im too sure.

Video Vix[o]n said...

i could imagine Carnival in ATL. it's crazy in NYC

got damn, i don't know about karma, but you're blessed my dude.

being tired behind the wheel is wild. good thing you and ya moms is iight.

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