The tape's mixed

As always it seems like when I take hiatus' from the computer to live my life I always miss hella shit. Whether it be peoples web logs I like to read, hot shoes coming out I'm sleeping on or new music. In this case it was new music.

I've been fucking with Kid Cudi since I heard this one chick raving about cudi and what not. It in turn made me imeem him and I liked what I heard... Since then "A kid named cudi" has been a staple on my iPhone and I've put a couple people down with the dude.
FYI: A I recently updated and jailbroke my iPhone and it was one of the scariest/rewarding things I have done in awhile. I totally recommend it to anyone with a different carrier who wants a iPhone.

So I saw that he had a song called "daps and pounds", so I downloaded it and it was aight (it didn't really wow me on first listen). Then I see he's got a new mixtape out. So I downloaded it and I most definitely liked it. I would have to say the songs I bump the most are.

1. 'Ask about me' The song is crazy but I think the producer tried to do to much with the beat

2. '09 Freestyle' He just went fucking nuts on this shit and the beat is like 'a milli' but crazier!

3. 'sky high' I just feel super duper cool hoppin out the whip after bumpin this

4. 'switchin lanes' Beast

5. 'poke her face' I love how they just flipped the beat and I'd say cudi came harder than kanye on this

My final concensus is to download it.
I give it 3 out of 3 fried fish (this is the first mixtape ever to recieve 3 fried fishes.)


Video Vix[o]n said...

oh shit, I just d/l'ed this shit the other day. HOT.

my tracks are: Sky High (wish it was longer), Rollin',
'09 freestyle, Sky Might Fall, and Poke Her Face...

I'd give it three fried fishes too. Cudi's going to be trouble.

K. Denise said...

Where'd you download yours from? Oh and I agree COMPLETELY with your comment.

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