"I'm from VA, I'll bust yo grill"

I went out with my girl Jen Bear and her roomate and some chick they went to school with. We went to the Drunken Unicorn where her friend was spinning for a night of winehousing and I admit I went in with low expectations but when this band came on all that went out the window.
The Drunken Unicorn is like two sides one where live bands play and the other side where the DJ was spinning old school hip hop. We all danced and just partied and then took it to this other bar in East Atlanta. Now I'm not really a bar person but the atmosphere was so laid back and cool or whatever.

So at the end of the night we left out and we see these dudes getting in to it with these females. Jen is trying to tell me...
"Let's get out of here!"

But me and her roomate are like "fuck that, let's see what happens!"

So apparently this drunk dude tried to shoot at a girl and she gave him a smart ass remark, basically dissin the dude. So he calls her a bitch and it's all talk 'till he mushes the chick and some dude comes out of nowhere and I swear to God, Lui Kang flying kicks the dude and knocks him to the ground with a punch as I'm tryna talk this one cat down and then a molly whopping ensued...

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Taryn Andre said...

the drunken unicorn....thats one hell of a name.

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