Negotiations finally ended with some stubborn assholes and after a hostile takeover
www.thathotfishgrease.com is now mines!!!

Don't have all the shit I read and like up yet, but yeah... I might change the layout or header who knows but that will all have to wait till I hit land again cause these DOD computers pretty much suck...


Dope Fiend said...

coolness! i want my own domain, but im too friggin lazy to bother with design n that (says the design student) lol

kmX said...

Congrats for your own domain! =)
& That's an interesting pic. "Open wideeee"

A.M. said...

Very nice homey
@Kmx, I need to show ya blog some major luv. No worries I'll be back tonight after work...and Alwayz says your blog is out kid hahaha

Video Vix[o]n said...

webbin it up. good shit man, cant wait to check it out.

justbrad said...

hahaha.. i have that csnake photo up on my wall (real-life wall) funny that you picked that as ur logo.. soon we'll be pourin goose like that

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