Re-up: The big decision

The navy is giving me enough money to buy
A. Moderately priced used car
B. Two macbook airs and a 16 gb Iphone
C. Choose your own answer
and in turn I'm going to stay in and do my shore duty for three more years. I started the paper work and I reenlist on the 16th of March. I figure if I was gonna get out and go to school, why not stay in , milk Uncle Sam dryserve my country AND go to school. Plus I've been on this raggly ass ship for five flucking years!

It's crazy how I was writing a blog at about 9pm last night about what a good friend I am to Lloyd by putting him on a girl I saw first and who I kinda wanted.Going out on a double/hell date with him and her all the while thinking "It should be me!!!!".....and then at about 12am that night I was jumping up and down with said girl....twice.


hb said...

oh wow, that was a pretty big decision. as log as you are happy with it it's all good.

and ha, grimy andre grimy.

Video Vix[o]n said...

You makin big steps, but i know you gonna kill it in the Navy. two macbooks? yeah a bit jealous, but you got this some, make our coun... uh, blogosphere proud.

lol oh Dre, you wouldn't be you if you didn't bang out that chic, lol.

good luck with everything man.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Firstly, I think it's a great decision!


Secondly, your CRAZY!!! I love it =)

PhlyyGirl said...

You have an assured pay check and you get to see the world...ain't nothing wrong with that.

You KNOW you wrong......but damn that's funny. LOL
That's why you Dre

Lina said...

"Good things come to good people who do good things." Gemini Septagon

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I want to re-design some of yall uniforms...the little popeye one yall be mopin the decks in...hmmm so not hip. Time for an upgrade.



what's the word my man....been about 2 months since i've been on the blog tip but i'm making a comeback and decided to see whats up with you. i need to hear more about this female and the helldate you were on!

demiera said...

Wow dre...that's a pretty life alterin decision but hey do ya thang...I wish u all the best of luck...

And LOL at jumpin wit ol girl. That aint his bitch...

kmx. said...

Good decisions my good man! Very very good. I contemplated going into the force a few times. Best of luck to ya!

& lol @ gettin it in...TWICE!

Danielle said...

Get the Macbooks! Cars are extremely overrated these days :-)

Jaded said...

Jaded approves of your decisions. What's another 3 years in the scheme of things???

I'm happy that you were able to "jump up and down" (I assume you mean sexually) with the girl! Yay for Dre :-)

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