Picture me rollin

Who knew you could have so much fun goin round and round in circles? When my dog nick told me about goin roller skating I had no idea it would be like it was. On the way there we ran into a dude from high school and it made me remember how small atlanta is...so we make it out to Cascade and it's a car show out there... I see all these thug ass dudes and the girls dressed up super fly! I said to my dog
"There's no way these mufuckas come here to skate!"
I was in there and kinda kicking myself for not going roller skating in middle school...
I see my dog is real nasty at skating so I'm like show me something!
Nick: I'm just learning myself.
What the fuck ever..
But I'm getting the hang of it and we went twice and I only fell once! I can now gain speed without lifting my skates of the ground and do a 180 turn. If only I could skate backwards...
I think back in Va, roller skating is might replace the movies for my dating...but is roller skating to intimate? I think it kinda is... What do y'all think


Video Vix[o]n said...

i mean, if you seen ATL, that shit was mad intimate, and something about circles are "lursty," i guess.

there was a skating rink in Brooklyn a few years ago when I was in high school. never went (i was still on my nerd shit), but ppl said it was fun, probably cuz they were bustin their asses on the floor all the time.

Kandi Black said...

i've never been too good at skating...kudos to you for getting the hang of it so fast...and i guess skating can be a lil intimate...you and your lady friend could probably hold hands or sumthn as yall travel around that neverending circle. dont they couples skate night or sumthn?

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

aww, how fun!

in Cali theres this place called Skate Depot, but its madd regulated cuz niggas was in there bangin..... on skate. lmaoo.

paix, Asia Dee

PhlyyGirl said...

I love skating!!
Like my mom used to take me and my sister alllll the time when we were younger. To this day, I still have my own personalized skates. Shits are dope. I'm thinking about getting a new pair and getting them re-airbrushed for my bday. And yes I can skate backwards and do all the other tricks too.
You look so cute on your skates though. Just like a lil kid. LOL

kmx. said...

I loveeeeeeeee skating. Haven't been since the summer though. But yeah I think it could be a tad bit too intimate. I remember bein there on Saturday nights seein the older teens w/ they bf/gf goin "Aww" lol. Reminds me of ATL. If your leaning for the more seriousype of date, go for it!

hb said...

that sounds like it would be a fun date. and yes i think it could be too intimate, so maybe you should only do really cute sappy stuff like for a girl that you really really like.

A.M. said...

roller skating is crazy fun, and is an awesome way to bag chicks lol.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I never knew why they based the movie ATL around skating. They should have based it around the club because that all most mother effers do around here vs. skating.

As for skating, I use to go a lot when I was a youngster...recently the last time ive been was when i was 17. And I remember it well because it was some guy who kept showing off in front of me with his stupid tricks and I was getting annoyed.

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