$60 drinks and the like

Out to sea doing circles in the ocean and I've got hella shit on my sidekick but in the meantime here's some 2K08 fuckery....
Went out with the big homie Rafi aka "Puerto Rican 50 cent" and it was my first time going out with "bravo". I went with "omari" and it felt good to have her with me because rafi's chick is a model (she modeled in the perky turkey fashion show) and her agent supposedly booked her and her model friends a appearance at the club. But it kinda sucked her her friends were hella stuck up...not really stuck up but these fiona apple lookin scene hoes just wanted to be scene/seen, they thought they were too good cause they had some champagne and were in vip cause of their agent!

Like me and the team would be dancing in vip and they were looking at us like we were out of place and shit, and when I did dance with one of the models it was kinda wack cause I'm a lil' winehoused and I wanna grind not just be a "human accessory". After they got some liquor in them they were pretty chillax though...

Me and Omari go to the bar to get to it and round sharing is in effect, so I order a double grey goose and pineapple and a little bit of grenadine(the nelson muntz) and a double crown and coke... you know what that fucking bartender says to me?

60 fucking dollars!!!

I look at omari and she looks at me and I'm like "I'm gonna get these drinks and the next round is on you, but after this we're gonna drink up all these fiona apple lookin hoes champagne!"

All in all a cool night

-saw a pregnant girl in there, not like "OMG pee on the dipstick pregnant" I'm talkin about "mufuckas rubbing your tummy pregnant, asking you whens the big day", and I saw her at the bar, I told omari, "I'm gonna go over there and waterboy tackle the shit out of her if she orders a drink!" I watched her like a hawk and read her lips...she ordered a apple juice.-saw my homeboy B aka Vinnie from Naughty by Nature, it's been almost a year and he's still cooler than a box fan.


kmX said...

LMAO @ tackln Miss.Prego.
Why would a prego woman go to the club anyways?! I wouldn't...but thats just me. Looks like you had fun! =)

Video Vix[o]n said...

ha ha @ ms prego. reminds me of that scene in "Knocked Up" hilarious.

$60 bucks? i mean, it is Grey Goose, you had to expect something like that; plus it ain't the 40-40 club, lol.

man, snotty chics are so 2008 ago, they need to relax with that in the club.

A.M. said...

Ahhh man. I think you should try to bag omari. She keeps popping up in your post and she is very pretty :-)

Andre said...

It's 2k09 even Obama said head is mandatory,so the club should be nothing...

I want to "bag her" as you say but there are some complications and when/if I do get her I might not "want her" but the dilemma is...

A.M. said...

so I'm back...and yes P.M. (hehe) has read it.
You know what. I can vouch for such a situation sadly. Don't really wanna give the details, but no matter who we meet, or what we do with them...our man will always be our man no matter how much he effin' sucks :/

Sooo...if she's just gonna put herself out there and let you get it..I saw HEYYYYYYYYYY go for it

& her man is an ass HA

hb said...

is it sad to say my friend's bff used to go to LOVE while she was preggo. like ... bout to pop a baby out and shit?

and wtf, 60? beside the age limit, mofos PREGAME and then go. shiiiit. 60 for liquor. hell no.

hb said...

and that video, lol.

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