You know sometimes you just gotta shut up. There's this new guy on the ship and this chick I work with is all about the dude... I guess it's a combination of him being new (because you know that new factor adds so much) and looking fine according to her. I mean she gets giddy talking about him(what should I say to him / blah blah blah) and her and her friends all want to shoot at him. So she got a chance to sit down with him and shoot at him during lunch...So I'm standing there watching and I see her walk away with the boo boo face. So the dude finishes his food and gets up and posts up in a high traffic area so the chick will have to walk past him. Now any other time she would've went out of her way to walk past him (she's got a waist like a pencil and a onion in the back) but she went out of her way to take the long way and avoid him. I kind of felt bad for him, but you can't have a tat on your neck and be corny and swagless.

So she comes up to me an is like

"I can't believe it!"

Me: "What?"

"He's a fucking cornball...

Me:What did he do/say?

I can't even talk about it right now yo...

Me: What does he have no swag or something?

*head nod* *slowly walks away*

I really got to thinking how many girls I might've blown it with cause I said the wrong thing or just came off as a wack ass dude when the girl was feeling me or whatnot. Sometimes all you have to do is shut the fuck up and look good or you run the risk of talking yourself right out the coochie/penis.


Video Vix[o]n said...

i stay saying the wrong thing, always. sometimes, you just have to say "what up" and let the convo roll along itself.

PhlyyGirl said...

Mannnn please. His breath probably smelled bad or something.
Either that or he had like a serious defect that was only visible when he opened his mouth. (Being swagless IS a defect) but honestly, it will only stop us from acknowledging that we gave you the draws. If we really want you to have it, ain't no amount of non swag that can keep you from it.

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

lmfao, there was a time once when i was on the train coming from work. and this guy kept looking my way, and he was actually gorg!...then he came over to me, and started talking but it was like he wasnt sure what to say.

and me...i like a guy who knows direction and how to hold a convo, i gave him help but he didnt seem to get it. so i got off the next stop, and waited for another train.

maybe he should of kept quiet?
or maybe i should have avoided making eye contact back? lol.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

First of all -- I starred at that picture for a good 5 minutes before I read your post... That shit is hot and really looks real!


and ... sometimes somethings are better left unsaid.. there's something about MYSTERY in men that attracts the hell out of me!

thee dumb flyest. said...

I often wonder about that too ...

but you would think if you were there during the game, you could pull off the last minute shot ...

but when you try to do too much, you end up messing it all up. STOP DRIBBLING.

lol, that didn't make sense like i wanted it to, but i always feel that with women, if you let them talk and lead the way, you can't really go wrong unless you're like ... Yung Berg or something and have a way of fucking up every situation.

Dallas Black said...

He had it all wrong. He should have busted her in mouth...ladies love that....lol.

I kidd.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Lmao @ dallas.

He could've honestly been a genuinely nice guy. Thats mainly how all the swagless guys are. But no girl wants the nice guy. Girls want the guy that spits mad game at her and says all the right things to have her all moist and attached and on cloud nine only to have her crying and feeling vulnerable 1 month later after her got in her panties and left. Thats the kind of guys girls like. Duh.

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