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Even though I look zesty as hell in that video above, I love my new macbook. It's amazing!
As soon as I got it home I didn't really have to much time to play around with it because I was spending time with 'elaine'. But I do love it even though I don't know all about it and all the functions and stuff.
Being that I'm making the switch, there are some things I like about being a mac that I didn't like about being a PC, and vice versa. The first thing I did was put photoshop on it and after seeing Vid Vix talking about how sweet After effects was next. Did I pay at all full price? Of course not, if I'm not using them for professional use, should I pay the same price as a professional? No I shouldn't.

1. The right click on my macbook is either set to command+click or the bottom right section of the trackpad, since the whole trackpad is clickable and supports iphone gestures, it took a little bit getting used to.

2. I'm so used to closing 'windows' to improve space and performance, but that's not the case with mac.

3.I thought I'd just plug in my guitar and start jamming out, but I need to run a preamp and some other stuff to really get the sound I want.

4. Since I've had my macbook I've seen a lot more of those gay ass windows 7 commercials, and everytine they talk about one of the 'features they created' I'm like 'I can do that by..."

5. I consider myself a 'student', but how can I be a 'student' without the ability to to word process? But I'm sure if I dig enough I'm sure I can find 'MS Office 98 for Mac' for the free or something.

6. I tell some people I just got a mac and they say "....you didn't have one before? You seem like you would." What the fuck does that mean?


Jaded said...

yo! I fell out laughing when I saw your video. It's really funny. 22 seconds of smiling and announcing you got ur mac book. lol. Hilarity. I assume you opted to get a whole new phone instead of replace your other one? lol.

Lina said...

ummm...you're so cute and silly...and the lip smacking thing is a lil zesty...but youre cute enough to get away with it.

and am i missing something, cause Iont get why elaine's name is in single quotes?

try openoffice for your word processor...it lets you save a document in several different forms...for mac and office.

Andre said...

I took a page from your book! lol and from the sexy back of my iphone you'd never know the front of her had such scars. So nope it's still my same old white girl.

You better watch out know.
'elaine' is in quotations because it's an alias in reference to jerry and elaine on seinfeld. I'm downloading that open office right now. I'm open to anything that helps me out.

hb said...

YES! ANOTHER MACBOOKERRRR! I have the black one :D.
You'll get used to it. And then hate PCs afterwards

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