Andre's DIY iPhone repair = FAIL?

Damn... I'm so frustrated with myself! What should've been an easy fix, turned into a a day of terror for me. I finally got the reserve to fix my screen on my iphone. So I set out all my tools...

Open the two screws in the bottom. Use my suction cup to remove the screen from the case. But when I try to remove the screws to separate the digitizer from the assembly, I find out after removing 5 of the six screws, I have stripped one of the tiny ass screws in there. So today I'm going to take my phone to and try and get the screws removed.
I haven't been spending as much time as I'd like with 'elaine' but the time I spend is really cool. Since I enjoy her company, she's beautiful and I like her a lot, I don't know why making it 'official' didn't work out. I mean nothing at all changed, we just called what it was, what it was.

But it seemed like that small thing changed the dynamic of it all.

I'm such a selfish person I want it all, the affection of one but the affection of others. There really isn't anything like the thrill of meeting someone new, and getting to know them at the same time.

Speaking of wanting it all, a a co-worker that's a has been on my mind lately...Long story medium we all just started at working at emory like a few weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was her body. This girls' shape is bananas, and she is very attractive. So when I find out she's a teacher So I keep it professional with green/yellow light jokes here and there and we made eyes at each other, until we go out after work for drinks. Now I have aspirations of teaching high school whenever I get tired of being a school boy/finish my degree, so I asked her how it was and if she liked it. She said to me....

"Well my goal is to not get pregnant before I finish my degree but if I did get pregnant right now, I wouldn't be that upset."

Hearing that made me pause for a second and think about all the horror stories I've heard of office flings and things like that, but on the other hand if I was really looking to settle down and stop going out and stop trying to catch other girls eyes, she would be the perfect girl for me. But that sacrifice is too much for me at least right now. Because she is a 'good' girl, I'm just gonna see what happens, and really watch what I do, we've been txting back and forth and have been out a few times but the vibe I get is this chick has seen guys who may seem like me who just want to give her hell then keep it moving.


Jaded said...

So you don't think it's strange she mentioned babies in response to: how do you like teaching high school? I don't get it...was this her way of letting you know that she'd be cool with having your babies?

Maybe I should re-read this post.

Pity about "elaine".

I'm still interested in this iphone thing so keep us posted.

Andre said...

I think thats very strange but from talking to her she's very old fashioned in a way. But I think her o;d fashionedness has something to do with learning things the hard way. Or maybe she thinks that's what I want to hear.

I still fuck with 'elaine' the long way, and she is still my girl, but it's just more better this way.

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