Bah Humbug/ A Christmas Miracle!

Happy Holidays to all of y'all out there!

I'm honestly not that big of a christmas guy, so I enjoyed an holiday philly cheesesteak and I'll be coming up on a plate or two tommorows. So yay christmas!

After taking my phone to CPR (cell phone repair), they took my iphone in the back and opened it and probably just reconnected some wires and tested connections. While waiting I was just thinking like,

"Damn! Why didn't I just spend the extra money and get it done no worries, now look at the predicament I'm in!"

He came back and told me that "I had pinched one of the data ribbons and fucked my digitizer up. He could replace it for $180 dollars. "
In my mind I was like fuck that shit right now, I want to save up 'till new years when I go to las vegas.

So I drive to emory mad as hell thinking about my phone. So I just plug it into my car lighter just for shits, and what do i see but this..
It's a Christmas Miracle!

I'm now a happy iphone owner.

So my whole mood changes but on the back of my mind is the fact that I might not be able to go to Las Vegas for new year with bro's from the navy who I haven't seen in a hot minute. Since I himmed and hawed and procrastinated, I found myself at the last minute using a buddy pass to fly. Unfortunately there is a buddy pass embargo on high traffic days like new years and stuff. So I get a txt at like 9pm saying I'm clear to travel on the days and it might even be first class!

I'm honestly not that big of a fan of vegas because I feel like, anything I can do out there I can do here in atlanta. From 'trickin off on coochie' to gambling and shit. I'm not really a frugal person because I spend money on some of the most foolish-est shit...well not really just clothes and cool stuff. But I would rather buy a few shirt or jeans with a $200 rather than trick it off or throw it away on some shit I don't need.

But where's the fun in that?
Hopefully it goes down like this, this new years....

minus the fist pumping and the slore jabbing.

Speaking of slores and baby whores, I do get down with the show because it's just so bad it's good?

1 comment:

how Asia Dee sees it. said...

yeee, that chick got decked in the face like no other!

I used to read your blog last year, and i remembered enjoying it, so now that ive created a new blog, i'm going to keep reading (:

Paix, Asia Dee

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