Vid/Pic tales: Vegas edition

So far Vegas is cool...I went to In and Out and got a number 1 "animal style", I wish I could get girls animal style, because that shit there was off the yazabah! I haven't really debauched yet...but my options are open. I've been battling my gambling demons because even though I know you have to spend money to have a good time, but God damn...These mufuckas want 250 to get in the door and you get a weak ass bottle of 'absolut' and a bottle of 13.99 Andre champagne like you're a baller.... But the night is still young and it's 2009 somewhere... Anyways excuse the videio I was a little hungover but I hope the sentiment is convetter yed. Be safe and do everything you did in 2009, ten times better in 2010... Anyways here's some pics from vegas of me and my bro's vegas excursion...

the view from the room, I made a panorama..
My brosef 'bapman'
The Ladykillers pictured fromn left to right 'Shahiem' 'Chocolate Giddy-up' and 'B'
I met this girl from memphis as soon as I got off the plane, I met this dude I went to high school with and he was on the same vegas flight with me... Anyways he was a cornball a little bit but it didn't stop my shine... I'm going to be chilling with her next year.

My bro 'bapman's' got them waves and I'm kind of ashamed to say it...He's shitting on me a little bit and I'm the 'prince of tides'

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Video Vix[o]n said...

let me find out Dre vloggin now... hungover and shit, lol. I've been there... at least it wasn't like the movie, which would have been fiya though...

Vegas, mos def gotta do that with my boys one day, for real. do it up out there man, that seems to be your scene already...

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