You poor little white girl

When I put her back together I felt like a proud father, I couldn't stop smiling! But that smile wiped off of my face really quickly when I realized that my touch screen didn't work. I was hella worried because I saved the sim card holder for last and I couldn't push it back in the iPhone because ribbon connector was in the way. Figuring my problem would be as simple as just opening her back up and checking the connections, I saved it for later that night.

I open it up later and check my connections and I get the sim card in there and close her up and I get nothing. After several failed attempts and it's refusal to turn back on, I was convinced I had bricked my iphone. It seems I had bent a (very sensitive) connector and that can ruin the whole screen/digitizer display.

So all day today I was feeling sick to my stomach knowing that I fucked my iphone up and now I had to either find this raggedy ass Blackjack and use it or be on the hunt for another 16 gig iphone (I can't go back to 8 gigs). The thing that made it so bad was that the screen repair itself was a success and I had this brand new screen on a fucked up iphone.


Jaded said...

So that's it?! It didnt work? It seems like you were gonna say: but then I woke up tried it again and it worked.

I feel like I'm in the midst of a cliff hanger...like the last sapranos episode (which I admittedly did not see but I heard about it, which is really the same thing anyway) were the screen goes black. You kinda know what happened but you just can't be sure.

Video Vix[o]n said...

good shit and bad shit? well at least you've left the "phone cracked, but still usable" club, now you're in the opposite...

you have balls though, i'd never take the time to try to manually fix my phone, but that's your baby and rightfully, you should take care of it... hopefully, if you shake it around a bit, something might work, then again that's my answer to everything, so nevermind...

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