Have you heard of this movie called 'new moon'?

I sat through 2 hours and 3 minutes of the crappiest crap, I have ever seen.

I thought that this was this generations 'Buffy the vampire slayer' or 'angel' or even 'interview with the vampire'. How mistaken was I?

I do have the first two books in my possession though. I'm a firm believer that books are better than movie and I have never seen anything contrary to that. So I'll get around to reading them.


Jaded said...

I refuse to entertain this Twilight crap. No. I wont even read the books. No. You know the True Blood series? Well I remember reading a couple of those books (which are pretty good...I'd say a solid 6.5) and then watching the HBO show. I was disgusted. But people LOVE it. So I think I am the only one.

The plus side about twilight is it has the kiddies reading which is a good thing right?

Andre said...

True, I was like a monster for 'anne rice' and 'stephen king' when I was a young man. I used to love to read because it's just great and I'm suprised these young punks don't love it too!

and about true blood, what turned me off immediately was the fucking fangs! I mean on their front teeth? Come on!

hb said...

THE BOOKS SUCK! I couldnt get past the 1st one.. let alone the 1st few chapters. Its really boring and really girly, so I don't think you'll like them.

Today's Buffy is TRUE BLOOD. Blood, fights, & sex.
Just like Jaded said. Wow... i've been seriously MIA form blogger.

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