The way it is

"Listen up people don't stand to near I've got something that you all should hear, holy matrimony's not for me, rather die alone in misery"
Everytime I talk to my dog about girls and meeting new chicks I always feel like I'm defending my actions... I mean I believe that at 22 years of age, marriage is like a ball and chain, but companionship is hella cool or whatever right? So how the hell are you gonna find it unless you mingle and hang out with and assortment of different girls. So I try and tell my boy that and he's not tryna hear it, but this dude is married with a beautiful daughter, who I'm kinda like the Co-godfather and another child on the way. So I tell him his opinion is irrelevent, cause he's out of the game and doesn't know what's goin' on in the streets. Plus at one time he was just like me and right there with me tryna quench his lurst, but I guess he matured on my immature ass huh? But me I'm in these streets so to speak.
I know that the average girl wants to have fun, doesn't want to get married and doesn't want to be seen as a slut, she just wants a good looking, drama free, intelligent man, who's got something going for himself, or at least appears to have something going for himself. I'm all that I like to think, So knowing that I feel like there's not much he can tell me... so we argue back and forth about it being fucked up that I go out with girls and have no intention of really settling down, you don't respect yourself and you look for girls who don't respect themselves either... but I tell him he's so got me fucked up... it's called COURTING and when a guy and a girl have a physical attraction to each other... things happen so you can't say I have no morals and neither does she. Plus how can you know who you are meant to be with if you don't actively search... I mean you could wait on fate to bring you together. But I think that lurst will get to you before fate does! Like I always say Lurst is a bitch, and she's real persistent and can make you do some wild shit! But that's just what's goin on with me right about now... and now I have to help paint his living room "Dorito nacho cheese brown", his house is actually very nice but I think his fireplace is in the wrong place and he needs to adjust the focal point, but what do I know?

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