Why I can't stop

I need to put a stop to what I'm doing, I made a promise to myself at the start of year but I just justify breaking it by blaming it on lurst, but hopefully my new living situation will change all that.But it's like I'm just floating through life for real, it's like between working on my fitness, hitting the books and work all I do is hang out and go to the clubs. What could be fuckin me up though is that we only go out on wednesday and thursday cause the rest of the days are for the youngn's and a lot of young chicks I've met before are talkin' about what I'm talkin' about, but I'm not talkin' about what they're talkin about... so my weekends mostly consist of making beats and listening to vinyl or hitting up thrift store to purchase said vinyl. But the more and more time I have on my hands the more and more I find myself spending it writing, it is very calming and hella cool to see my thoughts down on "paper". Especially since I'm thinking about chronicling a lot of my experiences, cause my memory is like a fucking elephant with some things. But if only there was a medium where people could actually see my shit... hmm.....

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