It never ceases to amaze me how finding out certain things can change the way I do things... here I am about to put somebody on blast for doing them, well not really put on blast per se... but just put out there. When I'm doing the same or probably worse. But that's just the way it is... anyways I've been slacking on my blog shit I started, but I've got some pretty crazy criticism... "what type of nigga does shit like that, what type of nigga is you" had me dying... but yeah I'm sitting here talkin to my roomate about these girls out here and it's like every girl I talk to nowadays has a child or two! Like it's the cool thing to do, and these girls are about like 24-25 with 7 year olds and shit... So I'm like how comes all these girls have kids, how comes there's no single fathers... and he's like it's cause of guys like you... Now I kind of take offense to that because I don't consider myself that kind of guy... he's all like "do you know how hard it is for a girl with kids to meet a guy, and when a girl meets a guy it's a package deal" I don't believe that shit.. I feel like everytime a girl meets a guy and she's got kids, she's not looking for a daddy or a husband... I mean shit girls just wanna have fun too you know! Having a child doesn't mean courting goes out the window, you know? So if she meets a guy and he might go to the movies with her and her kids, it's still a date but the kids just happen to be there right? So my boy Lloyd co-signs with my roomate and the argument still rages on today...

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