Plus and minus

I can't see how a friend of mine can get away with doing it and not have any real consequences (that I know of) as soon as I start doing it, the worst possible thing happens. I've dealt with the consequences because I knew while I was doing it what could happen, but I always thought..."It just won't happen because you know, I don't want it to"
When I saw the blue cross I saw my life going down the tubes. Plans for buying a new house, plans for taking my style to the next level and even future relationships that I will be involved in. All sullied.

I freaked the hell out and so did you.

I don't see how you can really be happy about this or see it as a blessing because it really isn't. Yeah you tell me 'thousands of people do it and they do just fine.' I just don't think you undderstand what you are getting into. I'm sure if those same "thousands of people" had the opportunity to make the decision I want to make, they would.

I guess we're both being selfish and trying to convince each other to see things from a different point of view. I think scorpio's like myself are generally stubborn people, and sweetheart my feet are stuck in the sand. I'm not buddging on this and I know that beneath your moral grandstanding and woe is me talk, you know what I'm saying to be true.

With all sorts of things going on right now, this really is the last thing I need. I mean shit, we're supposed to leave in two days! I'm just glad my grandmother's condition isn't as dire as it was initially explained to me.

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